Two weeks ago, Bret Harte lost their season opener to Truckee 61-7. They spent their bye week fixing what went wrong.

As for exactly what went wrong, coach Casey Kester said that rests with him.

“We were unprepared across the board,” he said. “With new coaches I hadn’t been strong enough with how I wanted things done.”

And while Truckee was good, they aren’t 55 points better than Bret Harte, he said.

“We fully expect Truckee to be in the deep (playoff) rounds because they’re a very good team,” said Kester.

While looking back at film from the game, Kester said it was clear the players were doing the best they could, and the coaches needed to work on communicating better.

With that in mind, Kester said he and the coaches returned to the basics with their young team.

“We spent our bye week reintroducing the alignments and the core assignments,” he said.

They also concentrated on special teams, making sure things are covered up, said Kester.

And he introduced drill periods. Something he hasn’t done before.

Like a pass/throw drill with the offensive line where Kester threw everything at them. The defense was assigned seven-on-sevens.

As the Frogs head into Friday night’s game against Golden Sierra they’ll be missing one key player — Alikhan Abusaidi. The senior C/DB left the game with a knee injury early in the second quarter of the Truckee game. He is scheduled for an MRI next week, Kester said.

With Ryan Kraft at quarterback, Kester sees plenty of positives and the goal in Friday night’s game is to give Kraft more opportunities to pass the ball.

“I think our offense is going to be fine,” he said.

Kester said Golden Sierra is a good matchup for Bret Harte.

They’ve got some bigger players, but the Bullfrogs can make up for that with speed and discipline.

One of the challenges for Bret Harte will be the offensive scheme Golden Sierra runs — the double tight, double wing.

“It causes a lot of anxiety for defensive coaches because it’s so straightforward,” said Kester. “It’s not a lot of opportunity to shuck and jive. The players have to stand up and be strong and be disciplined about what they’re doing.”

The Bret Harte Bullfrogs play at Golden Sierra Grizzlies in Garden Valley tonight at 7 p.m.

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