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Fresh off a 48-2 victory against Denair High School last Friday, the Summerville Bears Football team will seek to extend their winning record and clean up some first-game errors when they host Mariposa County High School at Thorsted Field on Thursday.

Coach Sean Leveroos said that a focus on the team’s defensive structure and organization would be the key to victory. Following last Friday’s game, Leveroos credited the defense with their staunch and effective effort to maintain a shutout throughout the game.

Denair High School’s only points came during a third down safety when Summerville bungled a punt return.

“On the defensive side we want to play well in space,” Leveroos said. “Mariposa does a great job spreading the defense vertically and horizontally creating large areas of space for our players to defend. We need to combat that by compressing the point of attack and by getting our players to maintain their gap integrity.”

That means get to the ball, and get there quickly.

Summerville’s defensive line will prospectively have to put up big stops on the line of scrimmage, and the linebackers and safeties will have to force back any runners who make it through.

And despite the point tally from the previous game which indicated successful offensive, Leveroos said there were still opportunities for the team to improve.

“On the offensive side of the ball we need to be decisive in our blocking assignments and to stay ahead of the chains and keep our offense out of predictable situations,” he said.

Summerville’s running backs and fullbacks were the driving force of their team’s offensive effort against Denair, with senior fullback Jared Brick earning three running touchdowns, and running back Dominic Esquivel earning at least another two.

These successes offered an opportunity to expand the team’s offensive diversity, Leveroos said, and utilize the quarterback and wide receivers throughout the game.

Summerville made a few attempts at long range passing plays against Denair, but despite well-poised and accurate throws, the ball bounced off the hands of the wide receivers on more than a few occasions.

“An area we want to build on from last week’s performance is finish any pass plays with a catch. We had a few opportunities that a little better ball or a difficult but within our skill set catch would have led to some more explosive plays,” Leveroos said.

With the whole team working in tandem, and each individual team unit grinding out each play with purpose and intent, Leveroos believed another victory would be on the horizon.

Just as in the first game, “a combination goal of offense and defense is to be plus two in the turnover margin,” he said.

“We have an internal method to measure our offensive and defensive efficiency and we hope to beat last week’s marks on both sides of the ball,” he said.

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