The black-and-orange Bears from Summerville High School in Tuolumne are taking their varsity team on the road again Friday night, for a non-league matchup against Ripon Christian in Ripon.

The Bears are 1-1 overall in non-league play so far this year, and they hope to build on last week’s comeback 24-21 road victory over Galt High School in Galt.

Summerville quarterback Jaden Brocchini ran for two scores and threw the game-winning touchdown to senior back Titus Shirley in the Bears win over Galt on Aug. 30. Summerville’s defense did their job in the fourth quarter, preserving a three-point lead for the final eight minutes and change.

The Ripon Christian Knights are also 1-1 overall so far in their 2019 varsity football season. They have at least 25 players on their roster. Like the Summerville Bears, they lost their first game of the 2019 season and won their second game.

The Knights lost 20-19 to Grace Davis High School in Modesto on Aug. 23, and they won last week, 42-3, over Stone Ridge Christian High School in Merced.

Coach Sean Leveroos recently described one of the tools he and his staff use to try to motivate their players.

“We use the acronym BEARS,” Leveroos said. “B is brotherhood. E is everything, enthusiasm. A is for accountability. R is response, resiliency. S is for soul, spirit.”

The B for brotherhood is because there’s nothing like a bunch of brothers getting together on Monday after a big win, or a tough loss, Leveroos said. The E and A, because football is not an easy sport to play, so coaches need to create an enthusiastic work environment, and hold players accountable during the practice week. The R is because the team needs to respond, and everything comes together Friday nights with spirit.

“We believe in everything we do, each unit gets better and the team gets better,” Leveroos said. “That’s what we’re preaching. Beat yesterday.”

Ripon Christian is about 60 miles west of Summerville High School in Tuolumne, at 435 N. Maple Ave. in Ripon.

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