Summerville Bears varsity football players and coaches have been shaking off last week’s home opening loss to Mariposa County, and they hope to wash the taste of that defeat out of their mouths Friday night when they go again at Galt.

Galt High School is in San Joaquin County, about 75 miles northwest of Summerville High and the town of Tuolumne. Galt plays in the Sierra Valley Conference. The Warriors opened their 2019 season last Friday with a 34-10 home win over Woodland Christian, east of Sacramento.

Last week, the Bears fought Mariposa County into the final minutes of their first home game of 2019 and fell short in their comeback, 30-24. That was a non-league game and so is this week’s game against Galt. The Bears begin Mother Lode League play Sept. 25 when they visit Bret Harte

To increase their chances this week, the Bears must protect their quarterback, Jaden Brocchini, first and foremost, and win the line of scrimmage, Sean Leveroos, Summerville varsity head coach, said Wednesday.

Bears linemen on both sides of the ball did their best against Mariposa County last week, Leveroos said.

“We had kids thrust in to play, and we had two to three different rotations,” Leveroos said. “With zero excuses or complaints from our players. It was challenging but the players adapted well.”

For the Bears defense, Leveroos and his coaching staff have been reminding linemen, linebackers and defensive backs of the need to maintain eye discipline, Leveroos said. Each player has to cover certain parts of the field and watch opposing players, and eye discipline means remaining focused on those individual assignments, and responding to split-second changes.

Whether it’s a running back on a sweep, a quarterback in the pocket, or a receiver running a deep pattern, Bear defenders must react and carry out individual responsibilities to shut Galt plays down, Leveroos said.

Leveroos is advising his team to watch out for Galt players number 33, Marcelo Lopez, a 6-foot-3, 225-pound senior linebacker and receiver; number 4, Kenny Tran, a 5-foot-6, 155-pound junior wingback and free safety; and number 7, Zachary Cirac, a 5-foot-10, 170 senior receiver and defensive back.

In advance of the first road game for the 2019 Summerville Bears and their supporters, Leveroos said, “We expect the Summerville tradition that we travel well so our fans and players leave the mountain and represent.”

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