Summerville's next game is against Fremont (Oakland) Friday, Sept. 21 at 7 p.m. at home.

It was Summerville’s first road game of the year.

They faced an undefeated Pitman High School team. A roster twice their size. A Division I team with height, heft and depth.

At kickoff the temperature had dipped below 70 for the coolest start of the season.

Sophomore Jaden Brocchini got the nod at quarterback again for the Bears.

On Summerville’s first possession they started at the 55 yard line after an onside kick by Pitman. A completed pass by Brocchini and a keeper on third down gave the Bears a first down, but the series stalled on the next set of downs and Summerville was forced to punt.

The Pitman Pride powered their way into the endzone after less than a minute of possession for the 7-0 lead with eight minutes to go in the first.

Pitman got the ball right back after the kickoff hit a Bears player and the Pride recovered.

The Bears offense got the stop on a fourth and seven, taking over on downs.

But another three and out gave Pitman possession deep in their own territory.

With about three minutes left, the Bears got a defensive stop before getting backed up near their own 15 setting up a fourth and long and another punt.

And so continued the seesaw possession game.

On the next Pitman series, senior Jordan Craddock saved what looked like a certain Pride touchdown with about a minute and a half to go in the first, bringing down the Pitman ball carrier after a 20-yard gain.

They lost some of that after a Pitman penalty backed them up with 30 seconds to go in the first.

The second quarter began with Pitman facing a third and two, which they converted with a push up the middle.

A roped pass from the Pitman quarterback set up a first and goal. Then a second and goal. Touchdown Pride for the 13-0 lead. Pitman attempted the two-point conversion but were stacked up short of the goal line.

The Bears moved to a no-huddle offense in hopes of finding some kind of momentum.

But Pitman forced another three and out with 8:30 to go in the half.

Summerville’s Octavian Hernandez gave the Bears a boost with a forced fumble and recovery midway through the second quarter for their fourth possession of the night.

Brocchini found Christopher St. John for a tidy gain to set up a third and short. With the ball on their own 31 and a fourth and short, the Bears coaxed Pitman offsides and picked up the first down after the penalty.

Pitman’s sturdy defense forced a three and out, got the favorable bounce on the punt and started pushing down the field again with two minutes to go in the half.

Less than a minute later they were again in the endzone, moving the score to 20-0 after a successful point after.

The Pride intercepted on the next series but couldn’t convert as time expired in the half.

Summerville received the ball to start the second half, but couldn’t convert on a third down and were forced to punt.

A wobbler gave the Pride a short field and they made quick work of it, pushing their lead to 27-0.

The Pride intercepted the ball late in the third quarter and their offensive grind continued.

They added another touchdown in the fourth for a 34-0 lead.

On the next series the Bears chipped their way down the field, thanks to rushing efforts from Brocchini, Mike Litzler and Nicholas Veach.

But the drive again stalled and the Pride answered the turnover with another touchdown and a two-point conversion for the 42-0 lead.

With about six minutes to go the officials announced a running clock and the Bears were held scoreless for the first time this season.

Summerville is now 1-3.