Game 1: win.

Game 2: loss.

Week 3? A narrow loss with several last minute opportunities.

Hughson started their offensive attack on the ground, giving the Bears’ defense an early test.

Test passed. Flying colors. Octavian Hernandez picked up a fumble and the Bears took over on their own 30 yard line with seven minutes to play in the first.

Sophomore Jaden Brocchini got the start again and during the first series the Huskies gifted the Bears with a 15-yard penalty.

Nicholas Veach and MIke Litzler led the ground game against a stiff Huskies defensive line. They found no holes. And the Bears were forced to punt.

The Huskies managed to chew some time off the clock before the Bears forced a three and out with two minutes to go in the first quarter.

Summerville couldn’t convert on a third and 16 as the first quarter ended.

As second quarter play began the Huskies quarterback found himself in early trouble, scrambling out of the pocket and into a tackle of senior Tres Machado who pushed the Huskies back another eight yards.

The Bears held, and Brocchini was back on the field with 10 minutes to go in the second.

He got wrapped up early for an 11 yard loss. The offense couldn’t recover and the Huskies took over at their 22 yard line.

A three and out on the next series gave the Bears decent field position near their 30 with about four minutes to play in the half.

On a third and four Brocchini tumbled ahead for a first down.

Nick Veach punched a hole through the Huskies defense for a 20-plus yard gainer and a taste of what week two’s momentum felt like.

Brocchini to Marcus Warnock gave the Bears another first down on the 17 with under two minutes to play in the first half.

Christopher St. John put the first points of the night on the board with a field goal as the Bears took a 3-0 lead with 48 seconds to go.

Hughson picked apart the Bears’ defense with a series of passes that took them up the sideline to the Bears’ 11 yard line.

The Huskies had 26 seconds to work with.

Hughson fans thought they had the touchdown before an illegal procedure penalty shoved them back to the 16 yard line.

No problem for Hughson. They ran the same play on the next down and picked up the touchdown. Penalty not included.

The point after sailed left and with 12 seconds left the score was 6-3.

The Bears started the second half backed up on their four yard line and weren’t able to find enough room keep their opening drive going.

With less than a minute off the clock the Huskies had the ball back.

And they proceeded to run the ball up the middle for a Red Zone opportunity with less than two minutes off the clock.

The Huskies overpowered the Bears’ defensive line on the next series for a rushing touchdown. Again no point after for the Huskies and the score was 12-3 with 7:17 to go in the third quarter.

On the kickoff return Summerville tried a fake reverse. It worked, and Veach sped up the right sideline and into Huskies territory.

Seconds later and again the Huskies took over.

The Bears continued to struggle defending the Grizzlies ground game as Hughson swept up the field again into Summerville territory.

Then St. John hauled in a Huskies touchdown pass for the touchback and possession of the ball with 3:11 to go in the third.

Hughson was called for a personal foul pushing the Bears near Huskie territory with a minute and a half to play in the third.

Summerville turned the ball over on a mishandled handoff attempt as the third quarter ended.

But they got it right back after a failed fourth down attempt by the Huskies.

The Bears couldn’t hold on in the next series, fumbling the ball and giving the Huskies good field position again.

No problem.

The punt bounced off the facemask of the Huskies receiver and the Bears recovered.

But a fourth and nine attempt was no good later in the series and Hughson took over on their 30 with 8:15 to go in the game.

The Huskies continued to shave time off the clock as they marched down the field to the 14 yard line. Less than six to play.

Nathanael Mata intercepted in the endzone. Touchback. Another Bears chance.

And then a quick three and out.

The Huskies turned it over downs with two minutes to go.

There would be no giving up from Summerville. They pounded their way down the field. And on second and two, a bullet of a pass to St. John who barrelled into the endzone for the touchdown.

The point after attempt was blocked.

But it was still a 12-9 game. A one score game.

Forty-six seconds to play.

Onside kick.

Recovered by the Bears at the Huskies’ 33 yard line.

First pass incomplete. Nearly an interception.

Second pass incomplete.

Third pass complete to St. John for a nine-yard pickup.

Fourth and one.

Pass incomplete. A turnover on downs and a deflated Bears sideline.

Hughson picked up their third win of the season.

The Bears are now 1-2.

Summerville has their first road game of the season Friday, Sept. 14 at Pitman High School. The game starts at 7 p.m.