Union Democrat staff

This year’s all-star Mother Lode League picks included plenty of representation from local high schools, including the league MVP. Here’s how each school finished their seasons.

Senior Jack Camara was named the league’s Most Valuable Player.

Camara helped the Wildcats to a No. 1 seed in the CIF Sac-Joaquin Division V playoffs. After finishing the season 9-3, the ‘Cats picked up the round one win over Highlands 70-48.

Among the highlights in the game for Camara were a 15-yard touchdown in the first quarter and a third-quarter interception that led to a touchdown. In Sonora’s nailbiter second round loss (55-56) against Colfax, Camara added plenty of impressive work to his highlight reel. Camara gave the ‘Cats their first touchdown of the game on a rushing play in the first quarter. He had a clutch first down conversion in the final minutes of the first half, setting up a lead-taking touchdown. Sonora’s Otutoa Afu and John Kelley, Calaveras, were named linemen of the year.

Sonora’s Evan Bearden was named defensive player of the year and Luke Fulkerson, Summerville, earned offensive player of the year honors.

First team all-league, offense

Cameron Mollin, Summerville; Austin Waters, Calaveras; Cody Conrad, Argonaut; Carson Caya, Summerville; Karson Kirk, Bret Harte; Dominic Esquivel, Summerville; Tanner Joses, Calaveras; Mason Flores, Argonaut; Logan Arledge, Calaveras; Adison Cramer, Argonaut; Kyle Byrd, Calaveras; Ryan Kraft, Bret Harte; Jake Gookin, Sonora; Wyatt Elmore, Argonaut.

First team all-league, defense

Seth Puisis, Calaveras; Tres Machado, Summerville; JT Kress, Sonora; Chance Norton, Calaveras; Brandon Wright, Summerville; Trey Ringlien, Calavers; McCormick Banks, Summerville; Rowdy Reed, Linden; Airon Teope, Argonaut; Tristan Madsen, Calaveras, Rico Sanchez, Sonora.

Character award

Nash Wylie, Amador; Ken Mackey, Argonaut; Ryan Crawford, Bret Harte; Cesar Vazquez, Calaveras; McCormick Banks, Summerville; Caleb Smith, Sonora; Brandon Carvalho, Linden.

Second team all-league

Amador: Tristan Krisman, Dustin Martin and Luis Rolon.

Argonuat: Wyatt Elmore, Jaden Heintschell, Adison Cramer and John Sherill.

Bret Harte: Julian Gonzales, Javon Gilbert, Alikhan Abusaidi, Nathan Rodriguez, Cameron Silva and Ryan Willis.

Calaveras: William Vernon, Andrew Davis and Logan Weatherby.

Linden: Dominic Giambona, Christian Sanders, Cody Leppert and Caulen Husdon.

Sonora: Anthony Roque, CJ Castleman, Tyler Matyshock, Bryan Wynne, Garrett Anderson and Dalton Cuneo.

Summerville: Kyle McCarver, Justin Roberts, Gabe Walker and Jared Brick.

Academic all-league

Amador: Nathan De Brum, Gus Gedney, Nick Prather and Cruise Santiago.

Argonaut: Zach Givich, Airon Teope, Jaden Bravo, Adison Cramer, Wyatt Elmore, Kodee Smith and Cole Kerrigan.

Bret Harte: Ryan Kraft, Devin Mogg, Ryan Crawford and Ryan Miguel.

Calaveras: John Arbuckle, Logan Weatherby, Tanner Joses and Marco Possi;

Linden: Joseph Morgan.

Sonora: Dalton Cuneo, Mason Dambacher, Tyler Matyshock, Michael McKernon, Ruben Menzies and Caleb Smith.

Summerville: McCormick Banks, Nicholas Veach, Jordan Craddock, Americo Machado, Markus Warnock, Antonio Escobedo, Jiovani AmayaWood, Austin Nolte, and Justin Roberts.