Despite all of the homecoming fanfare at the Lions home territory of Linden High School, the Summerville High School Bears continued their 2016-17 season domination with yet another win, this time by the wide margin of 57-6.

The Summerville Bears have now extended their winning streak to 5-0.

Senior running back Luke Fulkerson as well as Coach Sean Leveroos both relished the fact that this was the final game against Linden High School before they moved out of the league in the coming year.

Leveroos said that, just today, he had found out that the all-time head-to-head score for the two teams had been 25 wins each. With no other games scheduled against Linden, he said, he was proud that the team had finally attained the tie-breaker.

Fulkerson also noted that the team had more wins already at this point in the season than in the previous two seasons.

On Friday against Linden “we started off kind of slow,” he said, but “thought we played really well late in the game. Linden is a known team to come back and we didn’t let them do that.”

And though they were dwarfed by the Linden crowd almost two to one, the Bears parents and fans still showed spirit and support.

Running back Dominic Esquivel was the first to open up the scoring, and even though the Bears offense spent less time on the field than their counterparts, the score line demonstrated their efficiency and scoring aptitude.

By the end of the first half, the score was 22-0, and throughout the whole first quarter, the Lions barely achieved about three first downs.

A touchdown in the second quarter took away the shutout for the Bears, but multiple touchdowns from Fulkerson kept the score far out of their reach.

By the start of the third quarter, the Bears defensive line was still holding strong and the whole team was eager to put more points up on the board.

Several penalty flags hampered the Lions ability to stop the Summerville onslaught. A facemask penalty on a punt following Linden’s first possession, then a personal foul for a late tackle, gave the Bears an opening possession on the Lions 45 yard line.

Just seconds later, sophomore running back Nicholas Veach put in another touchdown.

Like in the previous quarters, Linden made attritional progress up the field, but never made substantial enough headway to gain more points.

At the start of the fourth quarter, junior fullback Jamie Macdonald forced a touchdown to truly designate the Bears lead as insurmountable.

Second by second, the clock wound down until the conclusion of the game.

Veach offered another moment of excitement in the waning moments however, first with an interception, then with the final touchdown of the game moments later.

Next week, the Summerville Bears will take on Sonora High School in one of the most anticipated rivalry games of the season.

Fulkerson said he was “really excited for it” and added, “I think they’re really underestimating us too, which I also like.”

Leveroos said that the team was going to prepare for Sonora like they did any other team, with “film, correcting mistakes from tonight, and having a good practice week.”

The Summerville Bears play against Sonora High School on Friday Oct. 6 at 7 p.m. at home.

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