The Summerville High School Bears cut down the Ripon Christian Knights 42-30 in their first away game Friday night, and extended their unbeaten streak to 3-0.

The game was characterized by a fierce offensive effort on both sides, and though for much of the game the two teams appeared to be evenly matched, Summerville was able to parry their way to victory.

In the dim light of dusk, the Bears marched behind the stadium entrance in the shadow of Ripon Christian’s giant cross. The supporters were aligned on opposite sides of the field, in the home section there was a glittering mass of blue and gold, in the Summerville side, the quintessential orange stood out as the same color as the bright harvest moon.

The game opened with a Summerville kickoff, and on the Knights’ first possession, a few successful pass plays brought them within 20 yards of the end zone. Their momentum was stopped by the able coverage of the Summerville cornerbacks, who beguiled any additional attempts to complete a throw.

Summerville failed to gain a first down on their opening possession, and subsequently punted the ball back to the Knights. But through an interception by senior Luke Fulkerson soon regained the ball back for the Bears, a fumble with seconds remaining in the half turned the ball back to Ripon Christian again.

But with eight minutes in the second quarter, another interception, and then a run from senior Dominic Esquivel brought the score to 7-0, Bears.

Ripon Christian soon responded with their own touchdown with three minutes remaining in the half.

But Summerville would attain a large margin of victory before the end of the half, with two touchdowns from Fulkerson to bring the score to 21-7.

The start of the second half was characterized by a similar play style and limited success of the first quarter, with multiple possessions from both teams but limited scoring opportunities.

The fourth quarter, instead, afforded a cavalcade of scoring on both ends. The absolute first play of the fourth quarter began with a Summerville touchdown, but soon later, a Ripon Christian “Statue of Liberty” trick play gained them the yardage to get points of their own.

The touchdowns that were so elusive in the previous quarter proved numerous at the end of the game, with both teams scoring until the final whistle and bringing the score to 42-30.

Next Friday, the Summerville High School Bears will take on Hughson High School in their second road game of the season.