Len Ackerman

Fishing is finally coming back to popularity as the lakes begin to settle down after a heavy winter.

At Lake Amador, the lakeis still spilling over and the water is starting to clear. Trout anglers are doing good from shore with the standard Power Baits. Trout plants continue from the Mt. Lassen Hatchery and they are working to repair their on-site hatchery. For more information, call (209) 274-4139.

Lake Camanche has dropped to 90 percent of full and trout plants continue at the South Shore ramp and the South Shore pond, which has been best for shore anglers dunking bait.

For more information there, call (209) 763-5163.

New Hogan Lake is 64 percent full and is still muddy from inflow from the Calaveras River. A few striped bass have been caught by shore anglers using sardines or anchovies.

Lake Pardee has also been best for shore anglers. Planting continues and the facility plans to release 45,000 pounds of rainbows through June.

For more information, call (209) 722-1472.

The aforementioned lakes are all in the proximity of Valley Springs and are all operated by private concessionaires with fees for use.

At New Melones Reservoir, the water level is near 70 percent of capacity and all launch ramps are open.

There is still some debris on the water but trollers are picking up some rainbows with shad pattern spoons or flasher/worm combos. A bass tournament by Bass Nation will be held this weekend with results to follow next week.

At Lake Don Pedro, the Blue Oaks launch ramp has re-opened and the lake is at 97 percent of full. The area around the spillway is closed.

This launch ramp is subject to close again if the water level begins to rise.

For more information, go to www.donpedrolake.com.

This weekend, junior hunters (17 and under) will get a chance to bag a wild turkey, one week ahead of the adult hunters. Hunting with an experienced mentor may be the key to success.