Len Ackerman

The weather this past week has been a nightmare in my neck of the woods, starting last Saturday with a power outage for 16 hours.

Then the snow began to build up.

Monday a water line broke and the entire Peaceful Pines subdivision had no water for two days.

Then came more endless snow which literally buried my truck in the driveway. That’s way too much for my 5-horse snowblower.

And after trying to get someone up to clear the private road, I found they were all booked solid.

To add insult to injury, I missed a chance for the last duck hunt of the season with my son Bill at the Santa Cruz Club. We finally got my truck uncovered and the driveway open, thanks to my grandson Jordan who came up from Watsonville.

As the duck season comes to an end Sunday, there are plenty of birds in the Los Banos Complex but they are well scattered in newly flooded fields.

The Hollister Gun Club near Gustine recently hosted a special veterans waterfowl hunt at the club in cooperation with the California Waterfowl Association and the California Deer Association. Four veterans enjoyed some great shooting in the best areas of the club and got limits of mixed species of ducks, and superb hospitality by club members.

Last Sunday, my son Bill and Steve Hinze, of Aptos, had limits of mixed species of ducks at the Santa Cruz Club with the help of wind and rain.

Bill was back Wednesday with Bob Gera, of Watsonville, for his final hunt and they were met with “bluebird” weather and managed to bag six ducks by 11 a.m. when the flight was over.

Next weekend the special youth hunts for those 17 and under will take place and the youngsters will be guests of private clubs and state refuges. They should get in lots of shooting with the help of non-shooting adult mentors.

For more information on the refuges, contact the Los Banos Complex at (209) 826-0463.

Back to fishing. At New Melones Reservoir, the Big Bash Bass Tournament will take place tomorrow.

For more information, call Glory Hole Sports at (209) 736-4333.

The lake level rose 13 feet last week and the Tuttletown launch ramp is now open after a long dry spell.

Big Fish winner at Glory Hole Sports last week was Ted Campbell, of Sonora, with a 3-pound, 15-ounce rainbow caught in shallow water with a nightcrawler for bait.