Increase driving infraction fines

To the Editor:

Drivers nowadays seem to have no regard towards others, regarding speeding, tailgating, crossing double yellow lines, generally reckless driving.

Current driving infraction fines can be:

Speeding — up to $480

Tailgating — $238

Crossing double lines — $ 234

Since the current traffic fine system obviously isn’t working, let’s try something else. Let’s double (or more) the current fines. For a second infraction, further increase the fine, and impound the car for 30 (or more) days.

Whatever it takes to wake drivers up, instead of the current system, which is basically a slap on the hand (when people’s lives are at risk).

If drivers don’t care if they harm themselves, that’s OK, be my guest, just don’t take me with you. Besides, the county can certainly use the money.

Gary Peterson


Don’t impugn the NRA

To the Editor:

When you post your opinion in the paper you should at least write a statement that’s true. The NRA has never had a member be a mass shooter. The only one close was the guy who shot

the mass shooter.

NRA members are very reasonable people they respect rules and regulations of owning a firearm. The dangerous people in a community are the ones who just run their mouth and

make nasty false statements about things they know nothing about. Learn, just don’t shout.

Charles Stoffel


Solution sought on insurance crisis

To the Editor:

Thanks to the 600 or more of you who came to the Sonora Opera Hall for the fire insurance briefing. The massive crowd spoke volumes about your concern.

It appears that many of us are now aware that we have our own hurricane Dorian threat. Similarities - huge in size, will possibly take your home and leave families devastated.

Since last year, many have been working on resolutions that could lead to a solution. The most significant resolution was just passed unanimously by the California Democratic Party Executive Board. It calls for the creation of a public option — one controlled by us, not the insurance companies.

A couple of terms you need to understand.

“The FAIR Plan,” which State Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara says, “is anything but fair.” The FAIR Plan is nothing more than an insurance companies cartel out of Los Angeles.

“Proposition 103” was passed by the voters to strengthen our protections from gouging by big insurance. Again, in the words of our Insurance Commissioner, “I have no power to control the insurance companies.”

Like Dorian, please do not take this insurance crisis lightly. It will take much more than town hall, fact finding meetings. I want to assure you that there are efforts being made to get legislation through that will mandate fair, reliable, and equitable coverage for all Californians.

One bit of levity at the Opera Hall — was watching Supervisor Brennan chase the new kid around the stage trying to grab the microphone from him. But he would not let go so she let him continue making a complete fool of himself.

What is not so funny is his Trump imitation — blaming your fire insurance problems on “immigrants and environmentalists.” Maybe the other board members should wise him up.

Domenic Torchia