Remodeled homes

To the Editor:

I want to thank and congratulate local contractors Bob Ragan and Ted Radetich, their construction crews and subcontractors for the conscientious remodeling and upgrade work performed on the two Columbia State Park houses on Parrotts Ferry Road.

These houses are within the Columbia, National Historic District and because of the location and condition could not be torn down, therefore must be rehabilitated.

These two contractors and crews deserve credit for their skills, workmanship and making our town of Columbia a far better looking place to live.

Donn Marinovich


Inciting civil unrest

To the Editor:

I just called McClintock's Roseville office to call him out on a statement he made to his audience at the Pickle Patch in Calaveras County on Aug. 8 as reported in the Calaveras Enterprise: "McClintock compared current discord in Washington, which he characterized as a struggle between freedom and socialism, with the political turmoil leading up to the Civil War." He went on to say that these sides cannot coexist. I told the person that I talked to that I wanted the congressman to correct the impression that he is fomenting civil unrest. She said she would relay my message. Good Lord. With our president constantly spewing rhetoric to incite violence, do we need a representative to be making statements like this? Sean Frame for Congress 2020.

Myrna Doering

Jamestown Ca.

Save California

To the Editor:

If you really love our state, think real hard and ask yourself why California is going to hell. Make California great again.

Arlene Moyle


Save the libraries and recreation programs

To the Editor:

A plea to the Board of Supervisors: Maintain funding levels for the libraries, their programs like Storytime, and youth recreational programs. Maintaining these programs at low costs will ensure all of our children have opportunities to learn and stay engaged with the community.

For example, my 1-year old son was enrolled in a two-week swim program. On the first day he cried for the entire 30 minutes, but by the last day he was jumping in the pool with the happiest face you could imagine. We immediately signed him up for the second session.

There is money being left on the table to fund all of these programs. The cannabis legalization ship has sailed in California, and Tuolumne County is missing out on jobs and revenue opportunities. The biggest fears have failed to materialize: Legalization does not increase use among youth (black market dealers don’t ask for ID, regulated dispensaries do), and opioid use and deaths actually decrease (it is impossible to overdose on cannabis).

First, legalize hemp and cannabis farming. Regulating a market of legal farms, run by our amazing local farmers, and allowing current illegal grows to convert to legitimate farms will reduce crime and generate significant tax revenue.

Second, the revenue boost from the single medical dispensary in Sonora shows that it is time to allow recreational dispensaries. Tourists are bringing cannabis on trips from Modesto and the Bay Area instead of buying Tuolumne grown. Additionally, our aging population may want to move away from opioids and pain medications, but may be unfamiliar with the medical recommendation process.

Let's shut down the cannabis black market by regulating the legal market. We can generate tax revenue and jobs to keep our libraries and recreational programs flourishing, and ensure Sonora maintains a vibrant youth community.

Tristan Kaiser


Lawful larceny

To the Editor:

Old joke: The Mexican president, showing the Guatemalan president his new Cuernavaca road, slaps his back pocket - “Ten percent!” On a return visit, the Guatemalan president points to a hydroelectric project. There’s nothing visible. Slaps his back pocket - “One hundred percent!”

Corruption here is different. It’s lawful larceny: corporate favors buried in thousands of pages of legislation; Medicare prohibited from negotiating drug prices; abusive drug patent extensions; the military/industrial complex Eisenhower predicted; billionaires paying lower taxes than their secretaries and the crowning achievement, Trump’s Trillion Dollar tax giveaway to the top 1 percent.

Sen. Whitehouse’s book “Captured” describes how corporate elites, empowered by Citizens United, the Supremes’ decision — money equals free speech — use armies of lobbyists and lawyers for legislation favoring them, at our expense. Million dollar campaign contributions, typically funneled through phony 401(C) 4 “non-profits,” yield billions to donors. Even honest politicians are coerced to feed at the trough, although Republicans appear especially proficient at this.

Actual fact: since Reagan, middle class income has flatlined. Manipulated by the GOP (God, Guns, and Gays,) justifiably angry working people voted against their own interests. Trump, evil genius at this game, following the classic fascist textbook, exploits nationalist and pseudo-Christian demagoguery.

Trumpian gymnastics equate Denmark with Stalinist Russia. Republicans have reason to fear liberals, even AOC. Recent polling shows many evangelicals, and even more Catholics, favor their “socialist” policies. It’s not surprising that Christians actually following Jesus’s teachings favor Medicare-for-all and a fair tax system not just benefiting the most wealthy. Today, we can’t even build a railroad, but the golden age of US prosperity was the Eisenhower era - high marginal tax rates, strong unions, and a government willing to invest in the interstate highway system.

Let’s aim for normal decency and democracy, not corporatocracy, not cleptocracy.

Paolo Maffei


Can you believe this?

To the Editor:

A driver of a motor vehicle is accused of committing a traffic infraction, resulting in another driver’s reaction, which ended in a collision with fatalities. Ultimately, the driver is charged with having caused the collision. OK so far?

Now comes the huh part. Not only is the driver charged with a variety of criminal offenses but his passenger is also charged. This, of course, must mean that every time you are in a vehicle, passenger or driver, you are deemed to have control and could be held responsible for whatever that vehicle does.

Uber? Taxi? Bus? Husband? Wife? Make sense? Not to me and I have had 30 years in law enforcement, much of it in collision investigation. I have never seen this done in my entire career nor, I must admit, did I think it was even possible – or just.

This so called dual responsibility doctrine is ridiculous on its face and bears directly on a recent case, part of which is currently before the courts. We shall see.

Phil Mathes


Stop the cuts

To the Editor:

My newly adopted dog would have been euthanized after three days if the Tuolumne Board of Supervisors had voted to cut funding for animal control. Out of a broken heart and loyalty to her first master who was now deceased, my dog was running frantically on the streets, searching to find the only family she had known for five months of her young life.

We beg the board to not cut funding to animal control. Our pets are not simply possessions, they are family members. I am relating my personal experience to illustrate how wrong and heartless that decision would be.

Having been an activity director in several senior living communities, I have seen the faces of our seniors, who might be feeling depressed and lonely, light up when a group of companion/trained dogs/cats enter their facility.

I know we are all aware of the dogs trained to guide and be a companion for the blind, Rescue dogs who search on and through rubble to find any sign of life in an earthquake disaster. Dogs being trained to be a comfort and be part of the rehabilitation of many of our returning vets. These four legged pals deserve the time to find their forever home and do what they do best. Obviously love us, bring a little humor into our lives and protect us from a potential threat, that in my pup’s case could be 10 times her size. Their loyalty to us is uncompromising, ours should be the same.

Barbara Porter