The troubled economy

To the Editor:

In 2007 I wrote about “The New Economy.” The thrust was that we were going to lose

most or all of our home equity. Reasons - blind optimism, no-documentation home

loans, 0% down payments and no regulation or oversight.

In 2007, Larry Kudlow, Republican economic advisor, said, “A downturn is impossible….”

Sunday on Meet The Press he said, ‘We should all be optimistic about the economy….”

I am not optimistic, Kudlow is wrong again and unfortunately I will be right again. How bad this

time? Depends on how long we leave the moron calling the shots — taxes (tariffs), trade wars, lack of a foreign policy, no transparency, no trust (more than 12,019 lies), ad nauseam.

The stock market is not the economy.

Selective tax cuts and lower Fed Fund Rates are just honey for the stock market. But when the

sugar rush ends and Trump has run out of your honey, you will be left with the hangover and the bill.

What helped us through the Super Recession was we had Fed Funds Rate (cost of borrowing

money) high at 5.25% - today it’s low at 2.25%.

Forgotten with trumpublicans, our debt to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) ratio has gotten worse. (Equate this to your basic personal living expenses being more than your annual income.)

Since 2017, U.S. annual deficits have more than doubled, and our debt to GDP ratio has grown to a record 106%.

Bottom line - Rising deficits and debt, slower growth — not what he promised us.

Some good news. Democrats are leading the fight to end our fire insurance crisis; fighting to save your ACA health care coverage for pre-existing conditions, etc; raising minimum wage to $15; sensible and meaningful gun laws; and so much more.

Domenic Torchia


The Pledge of Allegiance

To the Editor

I pledge allegiance to the NRA, the sleazy underbelly of America.

And to the political power and money for which it stands.

One greedy, fear-mongering interest group, relentless,

Promoting hate, violence, and assault weapons for all.

Rene Mayo


Break up PG&E

To the Editor:

The state of California keeps pressing for solar on your roof, clean, cost effective, rebates, supported by PG&E like any other lie. All they’re doing is keeping PG&E afloat because people are getting kickbacks.

PG&E pays a customer 3 cents per unit for solar but when the sun is gone they charge you 43 cents per unit. I have 32 panels on my roof that came with the home new. They did not install a battery. I lived in Jackson before here in Jamestown. My wife and I are very frugal with the power all year long. We paid an average of $125 to $150 per month, $1,700 a year.

They are charging now with solar we going to pay $1,300 for the year — not worth it at all. The price of the system was not separated from the cost of the house.

Most of the fires up here are from lightning, other people’s careless actions, PG&E old or bad equipment and a lot of oh well what the heck attitude.

We get to pay more for their service plus we get to pay more if you can get fire insurance —

$200 to $10,000 a year.

What we need is a class action lawsuit and break PG&E up. A lot of other states have co-ops that work with their customers plus rates are cheaper. People up here need help. Most are on social security or other. If you wipe out the foothills of California, you wipe out the Republicans of northern California.

PG&E gives a lot of money to the Democrat Party. It’s just a way to get rid of Republicans. Same with the insurance companies.

Charles Stoffel


Stop the hate

To the Editor:

In 1979, I went on a long bicycle trip through Central and South America to La Paz, Bolivia and then through the Amazon jungle to Manaus in Brazil. I learned a lot. I spent a month studying Spanish with private lessons in Huehuetenango, Guatemala; some of the conversations were about politics.

Guatemala was a dangerous place then. The teachers’ union organizer had been assassinated in the main square not far from the Bank of America where a security guard usually stood out front with a Tommy Gun. They had started their own school, but they were careful not to let just anyone overhear us.

From Huehuetenango, I traveled east on dirt roads roads through the highlands. During that time, supposedly to quell a communist insurgency, Mayans from some areas were being conscripted into the army to kill Mayans in other parts of the country, but on the road I took, things seemed calm, except that one of the towns I stayed in had a shoot-on-sight curfew after sunset.

Along the way, I stopped at a small store to buy some food. Two young men in uniform holding rifles stood by a Jeep keeping a low-key lookout while the other two armed men went in to buy something. They were wearing the same green cotton U.S. Army work fatigues that I had worn in Vietnam. On their pistol belts they had canteens with the bold letters “US” printed in black on the green canvas covers.

I felt sad and ashamed when I saw that my country was supporting that criminal war on the Mayan people. Now, those people need our help. Enough already with the hate.

John Watson



To the Editor:

Wouldn’t it be awesome if readers could comment? on anything? (past publications only) Yes. Online is the only way? Maybe not. There could be a new section: “Comments,” where comments about past headlines to letters could be printed. You might think “it’s not news.” You are right, but it is a public response to it.

Paul McNaul