Roadwork appreciated

To the Editor:

I would like to share my gratitude to the road department for repairing Highland Drive in Twain Harte and the smaller roads in our neighborhood. The winter truly took a toll on the roads and it is a welcome pleasure having the large holes filled.

The guys on the ground have been efficient and thoughtful. Much appreciation from me and my neighbors.

Kamala (Susan) Tapper

Twain Harte

Fourth of July thoughts

To the Editor:

As I re-read the Declaration of Independence on this day I am struck by the civil tone used by Thomas Jefferson and his editors in apprising King George of their grievances, as well as our good luck 13 years later to get George Washington as the first president. Ironically the current president is a lot more like King George than George Washington.

If you consider Donald’s record of obstruction of justice, of inviting foreign interference in our politics, of inaction to Russian assault on our electoral process, of insulting our own citizens and military heroes as well as our allies and friends abroad, of inciting domestic strife, of subverting the mandated census for political purposes, and the list is endless, there is a passage in the Declaration that fits him as well as King George: “A Prince, whose character is thus marked by every act which defines a tyrant is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.”

But there is good news for former presidents James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson and Warren Harding, who are listed by historians as our worst presidents. After Donald Trump they will all move up a notch.

Thomas Beck


Enough already

To the Editor:

And the beat goes on – and on. The very costly and time consuming Trump investigation was supposedly instigated because the “other party” “knew” Trump’s election committee consorted with the Russians to influence the 2018 election.

The Mueller report said, after a two year investigation, no such clear evidence was discovered. Well, the President must then have tried to influence the investigation, that being a hanging offense, (well, impeachment anyway, some say) so more investigation is required.

Now then, using that logic, if you were accused of bicycle theft, a crime for which you were completely innocent, and you then contacted the investigator to protest, you could be charged with investigatory interference. In other words, penalized for an offense you did not commit because you called the investigation a waste of time and money.

Oh, I realize this issue is not like bike theft, but really, doesn’t the same principle apply? Isn’t it about time for the foolishness to end? Other serious matters surely need attention – now!

Phil Mathes