Paid health care for illegal immigrants

To the Editor:

Our state wants to keep supporting and encouraging illegals in our country with our tax money. Why should we pay for illegals to get better care than some of our citizens? I think citizens and taxpayers come first.

Help the elderly, homeless, disabled and veterans who are legal. I thought assisting criminals was illegal. Our state even gives them the so-called driving license privilege. Why don’t they just get legal. Will taxpayers wise up or just keep paying?

Our taxes will have to go up with this spending on illegals. Are the liberals doing this to get votes?

Roy Jueal

Twain Harte

Unity makes a stronger America

To the Editor:

The greatest problem facing our nation is lack of unity. When Jesus Christ was getting ready to leave this earth He prayed for his disciples, and asked especially that they would be united. He said when we act in unity, the world knows the unity was strong.

It is extremely difficult in this world to achieve that kind of unity, love and concern for one another. I’m not advocating unity at the expense of purity or at the expense of doctrinal truth. We cannot throw out God to have unity. We cannot embrace strange doctrine. Even though they may differ over techniques and other superficial things, all Americans must work together and emphasize areas of agreement.

When this happens America will become a supernaturally powerful force. According to the Book of Genesis when building of the tower of Babel, God saw that the people had one language and were of one accord. Because of this he said that nothing they wanted to do would have been impossible for them.

If America could achieve unity it could change the political and social structure of society. The world would be a beautiful place to live. Regrettably, we have a divisive party spirit, we have jealousy, we fight, we are suspicious of one another. I’m not talking about those who don’t believe in God. I’m talking about those who are true believers. If people would follow after the Spirit of God, He will give us unity.

Unity begins to break down when man’s selfishness enters the picture. For unity we have to have mutual respect and a mutual willingness to give and to surrender not to the other person, but for all future generations. We can truly unity when we all want God’s will to be done!

Kathie Jones

Long Barn

Understand the past

To the Editor,

Happy Birthday America!

This is the first time in human history whereby a government was formed to protect the natural human rights to life, liberty and property. And it worked.

Incredible prosperity and happiness. People the world over came here, not for a hand out, but for the opportunity to live in liberty and prosper. And they did,

Today the main issue is socialism. Does socialism respect basic human rights? Based on the experience of the last hundred years with socialism’s systematic failure, the answer is no.

For those who want their children to enjoy the free society, we inherited, there is much work to do,

Perhaps we should start by understanding where we have been, where we are now and where we want to go.

Why not another 243 years?

Al Segalla



To the Editor:

Incredulous. At their last meeting the Board of Supervisors could not find $14,000 in the budget to fund the Recreation Department’s summer program for youth. This is a program that provides an important community service for over 100 children as well as assisting young families with affordable child care. The program was saved thanks to private donations.

This morning I read in the paper that at yesterday’s BOS meeting the Board awarded a $23,214 pay increase for the district attorney plus salary raises for four other top level county employees totaling $47,286. Incredulous. How can this be?

What are the members of the Board thinking? Are they indifferent to the needs of the community? Do they not hear the public’s concerns? What are the priorities of the BOS? The justification offered for the raises was that it makes the salaries comparable with those given in other counties. How about using that comparison for our roads and community services?

Ellen Beck


County priorities

To the Editor:

County supervisors, I get it. It takes a lot of money to run a county — $200,000 for a “Law and Justice Campus Study” — $47,286 in raises for elected officials — $99,367 for our newly hired economic development director.

I don’t have a problem with these and other such expenditures until you tell me you can’t afford $14,000 for our county’s children.

Kathy Adriano

Cedar Ridge

Pain management center closes

To the Editor:

After 24 years, we are closing the Pain Management Center. Times have changed and treating pain is much more difficult. In 1995 pain was “the fifth vital sign” and physicians paid attention and helped decrease pain to maintain patients’ ability to function. Now physicians are told to ignore pain and not prescribe medication.

We approached pain with a multi-modality approach.

Our goals were to identify the cause and repair that if possible. We utilized physical therapy, massage, alternative therapies, herbal supplements, antidepressants and opiate pain medication. Now, because 9 percent of the population has an addiction problem it is more difficult for patients to get medication and treatment.

Government regulators are telling pharmacies their license is on the line and they need to dispense less opiate pain medication. Pharmacists then fear for their careers and make the patient feel like an addict. They set limits and tell patients they need to take less medication.

They want them to take medications designed to treat opiate addiction and not chronic pain. Then the insurance companies set up road blocks called Prior Authorizations (PAs).

The pharmacist says to call the insurance company as if it is that easy.

I or my office staff then call the insurance company and they want a special form filled out so a person with only a high school education can then decide if the medication is needed. This triples the workload for my office.

When we prescribe pain medications we do it in a highly regulated and controlled manner to prevent the 9 percent of the population that abuses medications from getting medications.

These patients have ruined it for those who need pain management.

Hopefully the pendulum will swing back closer to the middle so patients in pain can get the help that they need.

Rodger Orman, MD