Where is McClintock?

To the Editor:

Has anyone seen Congressman Tom McClintock? He keeps sending messages about appearing on a FOX or a radio show he’s appearing on without taking the public’s questions.

Does anyone know when McClintock will even visit the District 4 he represents, since out of 10 years, he still has not moved in the District like he said he would?

It’s been 605 days since he’s had a public appearance with his constituents. Every break, he has time for the closed-door meetings with his special interest donors according to his calendar. I’ve called his office and his people take messages but never able to relay McClintock’s answers for this 10 years.

How do we find out why McClintock voted twice against aid for victims of these CA fires? Our home insurance is not going to pay for damages to the community’s infrastructure. I have a friend in Paradise who has to drive to Chico for water and still pay her water bill for water she can’t access. Will he turn his back on District 4 like he did them? Silence.

What about the right to keep pre-existing conditions? He voted against the bill and even an amendment to just for that. Why? Silence.

What does he have to say about these children being held in Clint, Texas, with no soap or bedding? One of the children inside had a bracelet with the mother’s phone number. When that number was called the mother, a legal migrant, who was looking for her child, didn’t know she was there for weeks. What does McClintock have to say about that? Silence.

Why did McClintock vote against ‘Elections Security Protection’ Bill? Silence.

What are we paying McClintock $174,000 plus all expenses if he does not have any responsibility to hear his constituent’s concerns or questions?

Pat Snelling

Garden Valley

Thank you for your kindness

To the Editor:

Back in May of this year I was admitted to the Adventist Hospital in Sonora for a blockage in my bowel. Turns out I have colon cancer. But, this letter isn’t about me.

This letter is in regards to what I call, “The ladies on the third floor.”

These women — and some men too — saved my life. They are very remarkable people. They are young, vibrant, and smart.

All of them dedicated to your health. I couldn’t even praise them enough.

So I would like to take some space in your newspaper to say thank you. I don’t remember all their names, but I do remember a few. Vanessa, Amy, Lisa, thank you ladies. To me you are all angels of mercy.

Peter Grimes


County priorities are out of whack

To the Editor:

County Counsel Sarah Carillo had a potential conflict of interest once her husband decided to apply for the county Chief Public Defender position. Meanwhile Supervisor Ryan Campbell’s wife, a deputy public defender, was prohibited from applying due to a potential conflict of interest — on advice from the County Counsel whose husband was actually applying for the same position. Is that ethical?

And don’t forget that county officials decided to raise the salary for the Public Defender position by $18,283/year more than the retiring Public Defender, who held the job for 16 years, earned. All this when the county is facing a $3.7 million budget deficit which the board is promising to cover with cutbacks in services and layoffs.

Then, sadly, as Alex MacLean reported, the county said they couldn’t fund the $14,000 summer recreation program for which 140 families are signed up. The Sonora Area Foundation has offered $7,000, so the program may or may not go forward. It is a disgrace that while county department manager salaries are raised, our children are deprived of a summer recreation program. What are the priorities?

Three supervisorial seats are up for election in 2020: Districts 1, 4 and 5. It may be time for a change. It may be time to elect supervisors who will put the needs of the community first.

Pat Cervelli


Youth Summer Camp

To the Editor:

I am extremely disappointed in the Tuolumne County Recreation Department.

They have seriously dropped the ball on their summer camp program for the local youth and their parents. Many parents have come to rely on this program to get them through the summer, and plan other activities to fill the gaps when the camp is not in session.

This year they made a poor decision in not letting the parents know that there was a possibility that the summer camp would not happen. Instead two days after the program usually starts the newspaper prints an article that the recreation department may not be able to provide the summer camp program.

The recreation department has a list with phone numbers and email addresses of the parents anxiously waiting for this program to begin, because they have received many phone calls inquiring about the program, their response to the phone calls was “we are working on finding a location and should have one soon.” If they have been looking since January and still didn’t have one, don’t you think the writing was on the wall?

Also the county supervisors were a little weak in their response to the situation. They could have approved the funding for this year and then the parents would have had a year to prepare and make other plans for their children next summer knowing summer camp wasn’t an option. I’m sure if the new jail goes over budget (as it may very likely do) they will have no trouble finding additional funding.

Congratulations to the Sonora Area Foundation for stepping up and providing the funding so that this program that serves the youth and working parents can become a reality for this summer and then can make other plans for next summer.

Susan Bailey

Twain Harte