Honor the public’s right to know

To the Editor:

On May 21, Tuolumne County’s Health Officer, Dr. Robert Bernstein, presented to the Board of Supervisors about a recent potential measles contagion in our county, and the consequences had this resulted in an outbreak. Supervisor Rodefer stopped Dr. Bernstein in mid-sentence after three minutes despite it concerning the public’s health and safety.

I have attended Supervisor meetings where 10 people were lined up to comment on an issue being considered, and Rodefer said, ‘We’re going to lunch so I’m asking that no one repeats what the people before them have said.’ At many Board of Supervisor meetings I’ve attended, Rodefer as chair, and previously John Gray, typically allow only two minutes when multiple citizens want to speak.

I was stopped by John Gray before I could speak before the Supervisors on TCEDA because he limited discussion to TCEDA’s website, and no other TCEDA topic.

Issues are required to be entered on the agenda for longer discussion and action to be taken, but staff at County Counsel’s office told me citizens can’t put items on the agenda, only supervisors. What if supervisors aren’t responsive?

The Grand Jury for the second year asked for a report of conflict of interest on the TCEDA board, of which John Gray and Karl Rodefer are longtime members. County Counsel, Sarah Carrillo, completed the conflict of interest report, however, says that the TCEDA board is her client, not the public, and that report will not be released due to attorney-client privilege. Twice the TCEDA board has refused to waive that privilege and have the report released when the Grand Jury requested it.

John Gray and Karl Rodefer don’t honor the public’s right to know or the public’s right to be heard. Contact them at (209)533-5521 and see if they listen to you.

Barbara Dresslar


Jolly fellows

To the Editor,

The letter on May 24, 2019 in defense of non-consideration of fire water draft points because of "budget constraints" is exemplary of apologetics for ineptitude and nonfeasance.

Folks gotta beware of the jolly fellows exploiting our county to reap a bonus salary. Introducing the notion of "or" in County fire protection, either water tenders and other portable water facilities "or" fire water draft points is indicative of not really caring as long as my budget works and I get re-elected.

Caveat emptor Tuolumne County, beware of who you put in office.

Tristan Celayeta


Fix Kewin Mill Road

To the Editor:

I have lived in Cedar Ridge since 1980. Every time I drive down Kewin Mill Road I see new potholes. Not little holes, rather large holes. I recently bought a new car. I'm afraid to drive it down this terrible road.

I know this road was built way back to be used for gold mining. Isn't it 2019? I know I'm not the only person who is sick and tired of this joke of a road. The county will now and then try to throw a couple of shovel fulls of asphalt, in these holes, which is a joke.

I think it is time to resurface this entire road, from Big Hill Road, to the bottom of lower Cedar Ridge. I know Trump has given our county wildfire money. Can we use a little of it, for this? Duke York told me, a while ago, that this road has been a real problem. I'm thankful that the flooding problem was fixed. They did a great job. Now can the county finish this project?

Steve Anderson


Ramps needed

To the Editor:

Regarding the lack of on/off Ramps at Old Wards Ferry Road, I'm glad to see that others are concerned about the need for ramps at Old Wards Ferry Road.. In addition to access to the new Justice Center, ramps at this location would facilitate going to three shopping centers, the hospital, several doctor's offices, the elementary school, library, etc.

Presently those of us arriving from the West on Highway 108 have two choices; we can stay on 108 until reaching Mono Way and then backtrack through several lights and lots of traffic; Or we can turn off 108 onto Lime Kiln, and then zig and zag our way to where we need to go, which is creating more unnecessary traffic congestion in that area. Restano Way is already a bottleneck.

Speaking of congestion; Highway 108, between Jamestown and Sonora is jam packed with traffic much of the time. The other day Caltrans seemed to think they needed to place reflectors along the recently painted stripes - In the middle of the day. Traffic was bumper to bumper and barely moving from Jamestown to Sonora.

Additional suggestion: A merging lane for cars coming out of Mill Villa Road (turning right toward Sonora) would facilitate merging with Highway 108 traffic - the lane is already there - a little bit more asphalt and some stripping is about all that is needed.

Jerry Fueslein