GOP reputation

To the Editor:

And 80 percent of you Republicans still support this traitorous criminal? My God people, you are poisoning your party’s reputation for generations to come. Is getting what the corporate sponsors want worth throwing away what’s left of the GOP’s credibility?

Bob Wetzel


Enemy, traitor defined

To the Editor:

I’d like to clarify a sworn enemy of the United States and I’ll use Iran as the perfect example. Since the taking of the hostages, directly or indirectly killing our soldiers in their barracks, on our ships and the battlefields, saying death to America since my last child was born they are our sworn enemy.

They would kill all of us if the opportunity arose. This has been fact through the last three, if not longer, administrations.

Now I’ll give the definition of the word traitor, from all the dictionaries I have in my den, highlighting what they all say collectively. One who violates his allegiance, to country, cause, religion, principles, betray his country. And last of all treason.

So here’s my question; Why is everyone, or should I say most everyone calling Trump, on the left a traitor and a treasonist when it was Obama who gave Iran over a $150 billion? Now if that’s not a traitor, I’m Abraham Lincoln.

If you can watch his world tour roadshow lecturing to crowds hearing only his side, putting down America. Some of the propaganda, so steamy he’ll get rebilling for sure, smooth talker for sure but no substance, making millions like Hillary used to, now she has to pay people to come see her. When the dust settles from Barr’s and others investigation, they’ll be singing another tune.

Michael Wood


Thank you, Rotary

To the Editor;

Too often we forget to just say thank you to people for the volunteer work they do. All of us need to give many thanks to the Sonora Sunrise Rotary Club for the wonderful park, community garden, and dog park they provide to the people of Tuolumne County.

Special thanks definitely need to be given to Del Hodges, who spends many hours a week maintaining this lovely area. We thank you.

John and Ruth Moyer


A good dad

To the Editor:

Near Sunshine Road, this heartwarming scene: A father playing ball with his two young sons, while waiting for the school bus.

That lucky dad hit it all the way out of the park in my book. It should make the papers.

Diane Magid

Sonora CA