The Company You Keep

To the Editor:

It is often said that “You are known by the company you keep.” I think it would be equally right to say “You are known by the company you admire and respect, and also by the company you don’t like and disrespect.” In Donald Trump’s case he has clearly demonstrated who he is.

He has shown his trust in Vladimir Putin by his acceptance of Putin’s word over that of our own CIA and FBI. He has stated his affection for Kim Jong-Un by admiring his absolute control over “his people” and by accepting Kim’s word about his promise to denuclearize his country in spite of provocative missile tests. And let us not forget his reluctance to criticize Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman in spite of the grisly murder of an American journalist where all the evidence pointed to the Prince as either the perpetrator or enabler

You can learn a lot more by who Trump attacks verbally or actually punishes. This includes members of his own political party like Attorney General Sessions and Senator John McCain. They fell into this category when they acted in a way that was faithful to their oath of office rather than Donald Trump personally. But his most relentless attacks are against the very people of the United States including the free press and all Democrats, who make up the majority of voters. This is an attack against the very heart of our democracy which depends on knowledgeable voters and where every citizen has a voice in our government.

I think we know all we need to know about the person charged with protecting our democracy. He should work with selfless determination to preserve our constitution. Does anyone actually believe that Donald Trump is doing that, or even intends to?

Robert Rogers


Thank you, officers

To the Editor:

During national police week let us give thought to the men and women in law enforcement. To protect and serve is a duty that is rewarding. If you have to carry weapons at work you have a dangerous job.

I think they do a great job in our county with the resources available. Crime season is all hours, everyday and all year.

My thanks to all in law enforcement.

Roy Jueal

Twain Harte

What Democrats stand for

To the Editor:

Socialist AOC and Antisemitic Omar have infiltrated the Democratic Party. Among other things, they are the two most anti-American representatives I have seen in my lifetime.

AOC has taken Al Gore’s lie to new heights. It is causing me great anxiety to know the world is coming to an end in 12 years. I have yet to bowl a 300 game or golf my age. The pressure is just too much.

Omar’s antisemitic and anti-American statements are diabolical. Governments are overthrown by finding the weakest link and infiltrating it. This appears to be what is occurring to the Democrats.

No collusion and no obstruction. Predictably the Democrats continue to prevent any type of unification of our country from occurring by continuing to propagate the biggest lie since Clinton “did not have sex with that woman.”

Where is Schiff’s proof? He said countless times he had proof of collusion. Talk about obstruction or is he just another liar. The media and Democrats have lied 1000+ times every day for two years about collusion. Russia continues to succeed in their efforts to disrupt and divide our country because Democrats and the mainstream media continue to aid and abet the collusion/obstruction hoax.

Democrats are for diversity except when it comes to a diverse opinion. If you don’t agree with them, you are called names that are meaner and nastier than the devil himself would use.

It costs $85,000 per person per year times 100,000+ illegals per month and $500 hundred million from HHS, money designated for our needy legal citizens, to pay for illegal aliens. What border crisis? Abortions now include medical “professionals” and those responsible for conception to choose to murder newborn babies. How can anyone support a group which all ows these things to happen?

Thomas Neiderer


Mueller found the witches

To the Editor:

Elizabeth Warren called for the impeachment of Trump. Radical, partisan? So is obstructing justice OK now? Over 700 former federal prosecutors (including many Republican appointees) have indicated that the Lyin King should be indicted.

Our Constitution establishes three co-equal branches of government and the legislative branch is charged with oversight of the executive branch yet, at this point, the executive branch declines to comply with lawful requests for testimony and records regarding issues that are obviously unresolved.

No legitimate reason to look at Trump’s tax returns, what? If they’re so above the board, what’s the problem with releasing them? Block Mueller from testifying and fight any subpoenas? Mitch Mcconnell says “It’s over, move on.” Are you kidding me? Over 100 contacts between Trump staffers with Russian operatives, more than 10 documented instances of Trump obstructionism efforts (and that’s a felony, even if it didn’t succeed) and that’s OK? So this is a witch hunt? How many witches do you have to find before you realize that the witches are really out there?

Terril Spitze

Twain Harte

Renewable energy is a real answer

To the Editor:

I recently heard about a great idea to stop global warming. Part of the solution, as we know, is to develop renewable energy sources. The other part involves reducing fossil fuel energy production. We could wait for the fossil fuel producers to see the light and curtail their production, but I’m not holding my breath.

We, as a society, need to take action. One way is for the government to buy up 51 percent of the stock of the fossil fuel companies, thereby gaining a controlling interest in them, and drawing down production as renewable energy can be developed to replace it.

In other words, nationalize the industry. Since the government will be controlling this transition, and there are no profit considerations, and changes can be made that take the welfare of everyone into consideration. Displaced workers can be retrained for the renewable energy industry or other employment. Not everyone will benefit. Greedy stockholders will lose some of the value of their investment, but they will gain a livable world. This seems like a very good exchange to me.

Can the government take over and close an industry? That is exactly what the government did during Prohibition. They shut down the entire liquor industry. This did create a black market for alcohol, but there is no risk of that happening with a fossil fuel takeover.

Unlike Prohibition the people will not be deprived of energy like they were of alcohol, and there will be no black market since people don’t care where their electricity comes from, as long as they get it. And did I mention that it will save our planet? Let the takeover begin.

Phil Nichols