Still in office?

To the Editor:

I will say this about Donald Trump: He is one slippery eel.

Gary Linehan


Who did the tax cuts benefit?

To the Editor:

Heel-spur Trump and the GOP were so proud of their “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.” Notice how they don’t talk about it much anymore? Revenues are way down, the deficit is exploding and the only real beneficiaries are the super rich (like Trump and his buddies) and big corporations (I’d suggest you take a minute and Google taxes for 2017-2018 for corporations like Amazon and Netflix, admittedly two of the more egregious examples.

Amazon not only didn’t pay ANY taxes, it got a refund!). Turns out the Lyin King is a great businessman, though you’re not the beneficiary (think we’ll ever see his tax returns?)

Terril Spitze

Twain Harte

Fire danger

To the Editor:

It’s good that work is being done in the Stanislaus Forest to minimize the fuel that could cause a raging wildfire. As an avid hiker, I really appreciate that.

However, we have a potential disaster waiting for us right here on Mt. Elizabeth. The detritus on the forest floor on Mt. Elizabeth is startling. There are downed, dead trees all over the place once past the paved road.

While it’s important to keep our remote forests safe, it would seem as though it would be even more important to keep Mt. Elizabeth safe given the great number of houses in proximity to the mountain.

I would urge everyone to take a drive up Mt. Elizabeth Road, go past the paved area and continue up to the top. Along the way, look to the left and right (especially the left) and notice the number of dead trees resting on the ground. Then, please write to Cal Fire to ask them to help us maintain the safety of our homes.

One careless smoker, one car backfire, one spark from a hiking stick and Twain Harte is in for one serious disaster.

To those in charge of the maintenance of Mt. Elizabeth, please remove the dead trees, take down the still-standing dead ones, and clean up the forest floor before we all regret it and wish we had been proactive.

Gerry Harrison

Twain Harte