An age-old saying

To the Editor:

I guess the politicians nowadays have never heard the age-old saying — “It’s all over but the shouting.”

Bill Edwards


Water for fire suppression

To the Editor:

At the Tuesday TUD Board meeting, Director Barbara Balen presented a PowerPoint about wildfire suppression, and using raw irrigation water rather than expensive treated water for this purpose. The presentation was well-attended, indicating the interest that this community has in being prepared for the inevitable wildfires in our county.

I appreciate Director Balen’s forward thinking; her well-researched PowerPoint raised important points for consideration. This topic will be addressed at future TUD Board meetings; community members should consider attending.

Pam Ivie


Washington’s three parties

To the Editor:

There are three parties in Washington. There are the conservative Republicans, the liberal Democrats, and then there is the party of Trump. For those who are not familiar with the party of Trump, it is similar with what Russia has. In Russia Vladimir Puttin is the absolute ruler and in control of everything. Nothing happens in Russia without going through Puttin first. Trump wants to be just like Puttin.

Next election Americans will have to decide if they want to be ruled by the Trumpists or follow the Constitution of the U.S.A. and be a democracy. Don’t let the party of Trump screw up America. Vote smart. Your vote will decide the future of America.

Eduard Kiawin


Police Officer #712

To the Editor:

I recently read a letter from Ken and Sue Ingram thanking me for helping them with their disabled vehicle. As a police officer, it is usually rare that someone takes the time to thank you, so when it happens it always means so much more.

The Sonora Police Department is the third department in my career and I have been here about three years. I can say in my tenure here I have been thanked more times than both of my previous departments combined. It’s not even a close race.

The citizens and residents of Sonora and Tuolumne County are one of the main reasons I’m so glad I moved here. In closing I would like to thank the Ingrams for their time and attention, as well as anyone who takes the time to tell a first responder thanks.

Scott Mallon


A useless, costly investigation

To the Editor:

So now where are we? We’ve finally received the conclusions – Trump didn’t do it – no supporting evidence of much of anything. Obstruction of justice maybe? Something like Mrs. Clinton’s wanton destruction of critical files and memos and all the hard drives used to produce them? Well, maybe not. Conduct unbecoming? Well, if true, the alleged affairs at least occurred before his presidency. Can’t say the same for FDR, Kennedy and Clinton. So maybe not this either.

Oh, well, this man, who was not supposed to ever gain the presidency, must have done something – or thought something – or will do something. No worries. Just another useless, lengthy, costly investigation, while much needed congressional production suffers. And the real losers? Just this country’s taxpaying public, that’s all.

Phil Mathes


Trump is toast

To the Editor:

The United States House of Representatives must fulfill its Constitutional responsibility and impeach this President. However, there is no timetable as to when they have to file the articles of impeachment.

Everyone knows that Trump has committed several impeachable offenses. Everyone also knows that the current Senate majority has no thought of doing its sworn duty. They have put him above the law and are enabling him to continue his crime spree unabated.

Nancy Pelosi has gotten it correct — begin the process of investigation which leads to impeachment as called for in Article II, Section 4 - “ Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

Trump, being a traitor to his country, is not the same as treason. Treason is, “assisting its enemies in war.” We are technically not at war with Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, North Korea and others to whom he has sold us out.

He, if sworn under oath, would be a slam dunk conviction on bribery, receiving emoluments, sexual assault, obstruction of justice, falsifying records and documents, ad nauseam. Also, for a guy who cannot keep from telling a lie every hour, (latest average up to 22 each day — approaching 10,000 since taking office) stands to face countless perjury charges.

Congress, just take your time and subpoena everyone of them - sons and daughter. The former House did 10 investigations on Benghazi and got a donut for $7 million.

Then there was the Hillary email scandal, where is the same uproar over Trump’s security violations - among those are his family’s legal violations for not following the law on the SF-86 Security Clearance form?

Trump is toast - just a matter of time. But he is entitled to his day in court, so let’s swear him in.

Domenic Torchia


A land of lies

To the Editor:

I’ve read parts of the Mueller report. Obstruction of justice is plainly there to see. Let’s hope that Congressman Tom McClintock doesn’t injure his neck by looking the other way while he bends over backwards to stand with Trump.

The coming election will decide whether Trump stays or goes. There is a risk that impeachment proceedings might solidify his support regardless of what misdeeds are disclosed in the process. I tended toward Speaker Pelosi’s view that impeachment was politically risky, but now that it is apparent that Trump intends to resist and obstruct any Congressional investigation on any subject and seems to recognize no limits to his behavior, I must agree with Sen. Elizabeth Warren that to provide oversight and restraint is the duty of Congress beyond political considerations. Impeachment hearings should begin because of the gravity of Trump’s past misdeeds and his continuing abuse of power.

Dishonesty and lawlessness are standard procedures throughout his administration. Competent and committed people are forced out to be replaced by complicit hacks and cronies. Laws passed by Congress are distorted or ignored when convenient. Look closely at the EPA, the Department of the Interior, the Department of Energy, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for examples.

We have been living in a Trump land of lies long enough. We cannot count on the Republicans cowards to help protect us from this reckless and incompetent president who will do anything he can get away with. Our freedom and Constitutional government are threatened. Congress must begin impeachment hearings now.

John Watson


CNN is a joke

To the Editor:

Here’s only one of the reasons why CNN is the most ignorant, biased, fake news leader in the media. CNN schedules Alan Dershowitz to debate the Mueller report with their so called journalist. Alan is a world renowned Harvard law professor, civil libertarian, Democrat and known for impeccable studying and interpreting the rule of law.

CNN calls Alan a week before his scheduled primetime slot and cancels him. CNN says they booked Michael Avenatti, the porn lawyer to do the debate instead. In Alan’s own words he’s been barred from CNN.

There you go folks your mainstream news media at their best. What a joke.

P.S. Isn’t that porn lawyer disbarred yet?

Michael T. Wood