Such great support

To the Editor:

The outpouring support for the Muslim community in the aftermath of the shootings of Muslim faithful in their places of worship is heartfelt and amazing. I have visited and toured New Zealand several times and I cannot think of a more peaceful place.

On weekends, downtown in the capital Wellington the bars and streets are packed and never a sign of police.

Maybe, that’s why it took the police in Christchurch so long to respond to the shootings; they do not anticipate or gear up for these types of incidents. Sad! I cannot think of another country with 1 percent Muslim population and vast majority Christians who would lend as much visible support as New Zealand.

Dennis Schneider

Angels Camp

Release the returns

To the Editor:

The White House and the GOP say we’ll never be able to see the tax returns, a “political stunt” they say. Trump promised on multiple occasions that he would release them (as have all previous presidents back to Nixon, audit or not), now “it’s already been litigated” (according to Mulvaney”) and the American people don’t need to know.

Does anyone, even Republicans, really think there’s not a lot of fraudulent activity/conflicts of interest/outright criminal behavior documented, or at least suggested, there?

Why is this such an issue that they’ll take it to the Supreme Court rather than release them, what dirt is he hiding? Get real, we all know he’s compulsively dishonest and amoral. Question is, how much can we, as a nation, put up with, don’t we deserve better?

Terril Spitze

Twain Harte

No-action Congress

To the Editor:

I am not a Trump personality lover, but I still voted for him because he runs million- and billon-dollar companies so he knows business. I must admit he has made a lot of changes some good, some bad.

Politicians most of them have never worked an honest day of their life. They know how to run their mouth and make all kinds of promises, put down each others party, lies, deception, backstabbing, ruining anyone with a different personality or opinion that they may or may not like.

If any of us ran our business like Washington works with others in their profession we would be sued and put out of business within a month. Today Congress does nothing they are elected for. They run around trying to brainwash all the followers that believe that their vote will make a difference for the country.

Who knows who is better for the country? We need to make better choices. Politicians should fill out a job app like anyone else. Show what they have done, education. grades, references, background checks.

I would not just hire a person just because they’re handsome or pretty so why elect for that reason? American’s are becoming just like Washington hateful to each other and party.

Charles Stoffel