Closing charter
school was wrong

To the Editor:

The Tuolumne County School Board voted for non-renewal of our beloved charter school, Foothill Leadership Academy. FLA provides arts integration and music four days a week. No other school in the area provides that for all grades.

The teachers are incredibly patient with students who need a more active learning experience. Most of these students tried many other schools in the county and found a home at FLA.

This choice has been taken from us, and wherever we end up, it won’t be because it was the best choice for our kids, it will be because our best choice was taken from us. I am thankful for the incredibly hard work the McVey family put into starting and running this school. I will continue to be skeptical of the reasons the superintendent gave for pushing for school closure. It was not the right choice.

Desiree Miller


Plane crash
was no accident

To the Editor:

One of the passengers on the Boeing 737 Max 8 flight that crashed in Africa on March 10th was Ralph Nader’s grand-niece. Condolences go out to the Nader family and the families of all who lost loved ones in that crash. When asked when he saw her last, the standard question of “how well did you really know her,” Nader answered, “I had dinner with her the night before she left for Africa.” An idealistic, talented young woman, who got her education through merit, not bribes, offering her energy and skill to help people, is tragically and needlessly lost.

Make no mistake; this is not an “accident.” Boeing knew. Designers knew. Engineers knew. Safety inspectors knew. And executives knew. The best we can hope for is that these criminals will be prosecuted, convicted and given long prison sentences. I won’t even mention the culpability of the lobbyists and elected and appointed officials who did nothing after the first of these death trap airplanes crashed last year.

And as for Boeing, it is not enough that their weapons murder people around the world. Now their domestic products are slaughtering people as well. Hopefully the billions of dollars in lawsuits will lead to Chapter 11 bankruptcy and eventual dissolution of the company, at least as it now exists. Perhaps the government can take it over and run it responsibly and effectively for its employees and the public it serves. That is for the future.

People matter. Human life is sacred. It is more important than profits and the wealth of those who benefit from them. We really do need to rethink our priorities as a society.

Phil Nichols


Trump the betrayer

To the Editor:

So the Mueller report was submitted with no further indictments, no smoking guns, no bombshell revelations. So what? What the president has done in broad daylight makes it clear that he has betrayed us all.

Did we just forget that Trump held the whole country hostage for over a month in a vain attempt to get his way? That when this failed, he chose instead to steal money from our disaster relief, the military, and disabled children? That he is spearheading efforts to take our healthcare and leave millions of his own citizens for dead? That he is forcing the middle and lower class to bear a crushing tax burden in place of his over-privileged friends? That he trusted a foreign enemy’s word over our own intelligence agencies?

I really don’t think we needed Mueller’s report to spell it out. The ones who aren’t convinced, for the most part, are the ones who don’t care. Trump is manipulating and exploiting everyone who still believes in him, and even if Mueller had come out with a high resolution photograph of Trump literally selling Putin the nuclear codes, they would never have been swayed.

However, there are yet a precious few who are not decided on the question of Trump’s relative innocence. Don’t let the report’s lackluster results distract you from the reality of our desperate political situation.

We already know an incompetent, bullying fascist is in power and stoking xenophobic nationalist sentiment to keep it. His reckless actions are getting thousands of people killed, causing suffering to millions more, and damaging all of us in ways we still don’t fully understand. Regardless of the report’s findings, we must resist the Trump administration on all fronts and do everything in our power to remove him from office as soon as possible.

Elizabeth Harper