Consignment store problems

To the Editor:

Over the years, on average, a 40 percent markup on items is reasonable. When I brought in an antique rocking horse with real animal hide and horse hair over 100 years old asking $400, they doubled it to $800. The markup should have been $160.

There has been another instance when I brought in a handmade curio cabinet they thought was antique, I was asking a reasonable price for. When I went to retrieve it after so many months they couldn’t locate it, finally we found it covered so much with other items using it as a display cabinet.

To make a long story short, I never went back. Now I’ve read some of these stores not doing so well. You figure it out.

Michael Wood


The writing on the wall

To the Editor:

It now appears that the 5th Circuit is backing the idea advanced by the Trump administration and the GOP, that the entire ACA is unconstitutional and should be repealed, potentially resulting in up to 30 million people losing their health insurance. Great! Now the desperately ill will be treated in ERs (at great expense) and the others not sick enough will fare as best they can (presumably until they get sick enough to go to the ER).

As has been repeatedly documented, the USA ranks at the top in per capita health care expenditure and at the bottom for outcomes compared to other developed/first world countries. Why is this the case? Are we too stupid to read the writing on the wall? Could it be that our health care is a corporate enterprise with profit promoted over the interests of the people? We spend 3.5 trillion/year on health care, at least 500 billion in excess administrative costs that could be cut by following the example of the other (smarter?) developed countries.

Are you afraid “the government” is going to “take over” your health care? If you have Medicare, does this still concern you? Would you rather trust Aetna or some other private insurer? Do you think that they’re more accountable, and have your interests at heart, than the government? Would you like to buy a bridge in Brooklyn?

Where’s that American “can do”, rational spirit? How come reason/facts don’t matter anymore?

Terril Spitze

Twain Harte

Reversing the Trump years

To the Editor:

So we wait for the Mueller report to clarify what we yet do not know or understand. Whether there will be other charges that will try Trump on a host of other charges, remains to be seen.

In the meantime, concerned Americans of both parties should examine where Trump and his administration have led this nation into. I have lost hope that most Congressional Republicans will ever rise to the level of patriotism for our country and defy the president like the rare breed seen in John McCain and speak and act in the country’s best interests and not as lap-dog politicians.

We have lost our moral leadership role among the world’s nations, who before Trump, looked to America for a direction forward, not reversing decades of trust.

We have seen government cabinet and other necessary positions in the administration either not filled, temporarily filled, or filled with cronies of the president who demonstrate a lack of ability for their roles. Scores have had to leave their positions because of conduct. Others were summarily fired by Trump because they didn’t follow his autocratic demands.

We have witnessed nepotism of Trump’s family, unrepentant that they hold positions of authority against the wishes of department professionals and national security agencies.

We have testimony and evidence of Trump’s flaunting of the emoluments clause, using his position to run his hotels for his personal gain along with his family.

We have seen climate science denied at a time never before seen with the rapid and dangerous changes happening around us.

Our environmental laws overruled that have been with us since the EPA was established.

We must return to a president who demonstrates an unselfish desire to serve rather someone who uses the title for his own ego driven interests.

Wayne Kirkbride

Twain Harte