The little man

To the Editor:

I receive The Union Democrat down here in Goleta, California, by mail. I read the story in the March 15, 2019 paper about the Let’er Buck Western Wear store moving to The Junction.

The best of luck to Ms. Laurie Lyons in her new location.

My son James L. Brown lives up in that area.

We have a western store here in Santa Barbara, California, Jedlicka’s which will close in April after being in business since 1932.

When the Big Box stores come to town they kill the “Little Man” who built the town.

God Bless the Little Man.

James A. Brown


The Barr interpretation

To the Editor:

Robert Mueller, the straightest guy we could have wished for, delivered his findings of the Trump investigation to his superior, Attorney General William Barr. Then Barr, his biases well known, put his own opinion forward to tell us what Mueller found — in Barr’s interpretation. Mr. President took full advantage of the free pass.

To use one of T’s favorite phrases: We’ll see what happens. Is our system of government strong enough to put an end to the current situation? Or do we have to wait until November of 2020 to restore America’s image?

MASA. Make America Smart Again.

Klaus Kraemer


Thanks for the Gallagher family

To the Editor:

I want to thank the Gallagher family for sharing Tim’s story. From the very beginning of Sonora Sport and Fitness Center Tim was supportive of my instructing racquetball at the center, as is now Shari his wife. Racquetball is my love, only edging out football by the smallest margin. Like Tim, I played a lot of football, if not at the same levels, certainly with the same passion. I am certain I am experiencing some of the brain effects that all athletes playing that sport, as well as other contact sports like soccer or ice hockey, experience. Reluctantly I have drawn the conclusion, from what has been learned studying the brains of lost athletes, that it is time to consider society moving away from these sports. To turn a phrase from Willie Nelson- “Mothers don’t let your sons to grow up to be football players.”

Tim, I hope you’re getting to do a Heavenly Traverse.

Donn Hohengarten