Illegal immigration is cheating

To the Editor:

It’s ironic that the big college entrance cheating scandal blew up around the same time the U.S. Senate voted to override President Trump’s emergency declaration on the border fence to fight illegal immigration.

When you look at it, both issues boil down to the same situation, cheating. Cheating to gain an unfair advantage. Cheating to get around the legal process to get into universities or this country.

People who were involved in the cheating to get into universities stole from and cheated those who went through the normal process to earn acceptance to those universities. The biggest victims were the ones that were beat out by them. They show disrespect for the system, for others, and honor and dignity in general.

Illegal aliens who sneak across our border and/ or falsely claim asylum disrespect our laws and sovereignty and cheat the people who go through the legal process to immigrate to this country. Illegal immigration is no less cheating than what went on in the college admissions scandal.

Both issues deal with the same thing, going around the system to achieve access to something or a status that isn’t earned or deserved.

Illegal immigration should receive the same level of concern that the college entrance cheating scandal has. Congress still isn’t doing their job when it comes to securing our borders and working to achieve proper comprehensive immigration reform. President Trump had to take the measures he did because people just weren’t doing their jobs.

It is way past time to stop the political games and do what is right.

James Brown


Newsom is misguided on sanctity of life

To the Editor:

Our governor’s recent actions were, in my opinion truly disgusting. He gave an emotional speech on how he as governor could not support something that could have the potential to end an innocent person’s life. This man, with tears in his eyes told us all he could not face himself knowing potentially “innocent” people in prison would have their lives taken because of the death penalty.

I understand that the death penalty is a difficult issue but his view is deeply disturbing to me. Our governor publicly and proudly voices his strong beliefs in supporting the murder of thousands of innocent people every day through abortion.

Abortion at any stage, in all its forms is nothing less than premeditated murder. A truly innocent life is ended against its will and without that living, God-created person’s consent. How dare our governor or anyone else say killing people who has been convicted of the most heinous crimes is wrong but the killing of a child who has done no wrong is fine?

You see I was once young, pregnant, unmarried and in a very difficult relationship with not many options or hope. I was aggressively pressured to have an abortion but I would not give in to killing my child.

Why should I make that child pay for my sins? Jesus died for all our sins but He did it willingly. That unplanned baby, along with all my children are merciful, beautiful gifts from God that I could not imagine my life without.

Also my dear father was brutally murdered and I was the one to face those horrors for my family. So I do understand. This state may have mixed views on the death penalty but abortion is clear — a willful murder of an innocent life.

Jenny Finney

Twain Harte

Call out all terrorists

To the Editor:

On March 15 of this year 50 Muslims were murdered while praying in mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. It was a vicious, horrible massacre and the world rightly condemned the killing of so many innocent people by a madman.

However, while the media and liberals railed at the supposed rise of terror attacks by right-wing groups and white supremacists, the huge number of terror attacks and murders by Islamists worldwide has basically been ignored.

As candlelight vigils and demonstrations are held protesting the murders in Christchurch, it should be remembered that there have been 355 documented terror attacks committed by Islamists so far in 2019. These terror attacks by Islamists resulted in the death of 2014 innocent people of all faiths.

In most of these attacks only one or two people were killed, but there were 60 killed in Nigeria on Jan. 28, 49 killed in India on Feb. 15, 50 killed in Syria on Feb. 23 and 46 killed in Nigeria on March 1. Indeed, Islamist terror attacks occur almost daily somewhere in the world.

We should condemn what happened in New Zealand, but we should also remember that over 99 percent of attacks and over 97 percent of deaths committed by terrorists so far in 2019 were committed by Islamists and not white supremacists or right-wing groups.

No terror attack is justified and none should be overlooked, but we need to stop ignoring the elephant in the room.

Ted Hall


Traffic light improves safety

To the Editor:

Kudos to the Tuolumne County Road Department, Caltrans and SMCI Construction for the design and execution of the new four-way intersection at Jamestown Road and 5th Avenue in Jamestown.

The new stoplight and left turn lanes allow cars and drivers to turn left off Highway 108 onto Jamestown Road or 5th Avenue without feeling like the are ‘Diving-for-Safety’ across the oncoming lanes.

You have done a great job. All who are using the new intersection appreciate the work you have done.

Donn Marinovich