VA contractors needed

To the Editor:

It is beyond me why our area has no local VA contractors. With the thousands of veterans who need home repair. They could be approved by the VA if they are 100 percent disabled. Our veterans need your service and help. You are losing support for our veterans and revenue.

Everyone that has VA work done up here, have been from the Bay Area. I am hoping this information will generate an awareness.

R.J. Sweatt


No to dual citizenship

To the Editor:

About one half of countries allow dual citizenship and one half do not. Also, some countries

have restrictions or special circumstances, such as allowing actors dual citizenship.

I believe that Congress should not allow its members dual citizenship due to national security

issues. Also, military personnel with top secret and higher clearances should give up their

dual citizenship while serving in those capacities.

It is obvious that these people by virtue of their positions have to make difficult choices that may involve other countries. When it comes to military secrets or sensitive positions and one is paid directly by U. S. taxpayers, one has only one master: the citizens of the United States of America.

Dennis Schneider

Angels Camp

A Nations of Laws?

To the Editor:

The rule of law used to be a principle in California. But, we have seen that rule of law diminished. The latest affront is our governor turning his back on the Death Penalty. In all, 737 killers sit on death row. These people have committed murders. In accordance with law, they were arrested and tried under California law.

A death penalty case is much harder to prove and has taxpayers’ dollars in more detailed investigations, trials are more expensive and traumatic to jurors and judges. Yet, the laws have been followed and convictions obtained to put these murders to death under the laws of the State.

Unfortunately, we have had three consecutive attorneys general, Brown, Harris and Becerra, fail to carry out their responsibilities under the law. Now we have this new affront to our laws.

Two years ago, California voters rejected an initiative to eliminate the death sentence. Instead, the voters approved another initiative that stream lined the appeal process for reviewing the convictions of condemned murderers.

This action by the Governor spits in the face of the voters. The State has not carried out the sentences of any murders since 2006. The failure of the attorney general to carry out his responsibilities is malfeasance of his responsibilities. Now, we have the Governor rejecting the will of the voters. When elected representatives fail to perform their responsibilities under the law, they should be impeached. We need to return California to a law abiding state for the safety of all our citizens.

Richard Nutting

Former Tuolumne County Sheriff/Coroner

Pedestrian protection
on sidewalks

To the Editor:

I’m writing regarding Saturday’s article about the two accidents that have occurred at the Junction in recent months where pedestrians have been hit by vehicles coming up onto the sidewalk.

I was struck by the comments made by Tim Newhoff, a property manager who is understandably in a defensive crouch pursuant to the accident last Wednesday at the Wells Fargo ATM.

Mr. Newhoff remarked that bollards would be unsightly and expensive (although evidently they aren’t too unsightly or expensive when it comes to protecting fire hydrants and PG&E equipment). He then went on to dismiss offhand the notion of liability on the part of the shopping center, characterizing it as nit-picky fault-finding.

Well, it seems to me that if it is true, as the article states, that the Wells Fargo ATM is located where the curb is only 3 inches tall and there is no wheel-stop or parking bumper, or any form of barrier to stop a vehicle from rolling up onto the sidewalk, then it’s a miracle some pedestrian hasn’t been seriously injured there long before now.

This morning I watched a TV show with some nice shots of a large public buildings with several large, plain concrete planters out front to create a protective barrier to keep vehicles from plowing into pedestrians. They were beautiful. Why wouldn’t the shopping center consider installing some concrete planters? Filled with low-maintenance plants spring through fall, they would add eye-appeal while protecting pedestrians on the sidewalk.

Rene Mayo


Council and board
lack leadership

To the Editor:

Sonora is set to follow in Paradise, California’s footsteps. If the local government doesn’t take action toward protecting its citizens, they deserve to grandest criticism. Where are the protections that will serve us? What are they doing to mitigate the coming dangers? Where are the escape routes? Where are the sandbag stations? Why has nothing been done? Where is the communication from the top down?

Upon further thought of the flooding last week — the local government completely failed the citizens of Sonora. Our local governments must offer some form of protection because it is in their power to do so. A system of alerts would be helpful, offers of a sandbag station would have been good.

Leadership of any sort during a crisis is a must. Nothing was in place, nothing was offered. No one knew what was going to happen. I pay very close attention and didn’t know it would be this bad. 911 was down for god’s sake. Very much like Paradise fire.

I asked the BOS for alerts and emergency escape practices and was redirected to the City Council. Well, OK then. The Board of Supervisors is a bloviating, top-down development-dominated, do-nothing group. The government must be for the people — not complicit in the demise of its people.

Sharon Rose