Murphys theater successes

To the Editor:

It seems the Union Democrat does not review plays outside of Tuolumne County, so people may not know about the current show at Murphys Creek Theatre. It hasn’t been produced around here before, and so I went to see The Whipping Man not knowing what to expect. And then I found myself so moved by the production I felt I had to write.

Matthew Lopez has written a thoroughly unique and fascinating script about a Jewish soldier who returns home from the Civil War to find two of the former slaves. The first scene is harrowing, and sets up a bond between the three that explodes in revealed secrets during the final Passover seder.

I always look forward to Micki Dambacher’s sets at MCT, and this one of a burned out hull of a mansion perfectly set the mood and the era. Don Bilotti’s professional direction, along with the music and sound he created for the show, was excellent.

But the acting is really what people need to know about. Robbie Allen, Dwight Mahabir and Levi Lowe all gave powerful and vulnerable performances which prompted the audience into an immediate standing ovation. They were each a revelation in their own way.

The Whipping Man is playing only until March 3. Murphys Creek Theatre is doing wonderful things, and this production has all the elements of a great evening of theatre.

Sally McClellan


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To the Editor:

Election fraud in North Carolina. Where is the presidential tweet storm?

Terril Spitze

Twain Harte