To the Editor:

We are all betrayed.

I needed an entire day to think through the implications of Thursday’s events.

I, too, wish to declare a state of emergency. What else can we call it when the president has shown absolute, blatant disregard for the democratic process, and now presents, more than ever, an existential threat to democracy itself?

If a president can subvert the will of the people by declaring an emergency when their Congressional representatives refuse to bend to his will, is there any point left to negotiation, compromise, votes, elections, the entire apparatus of a functioning democracy? If he can then proceed to essentially steal money from those for whom it has been earmarked via those same processes, and then redirect it to his own massively unpopular vanity projects, what hope have we the people?

What if Congress does not stop this? What if they cannot stop this? What further emergency powers will Trump assign himself? What crass infringements on our inalienable rights will come next?

There are not the actions of a president, or even those of an oligarch. Trump has become a self-styled autocrat, systematically destroying America’s democracy from within.

This is a call to action. We cannot afford to sit idle. We cannot afford to waste time. All other concerns are secondary. This must be stopped immediately, or the United States as we know them have seen the beginning of their end. Contact your representatives, every day if you must, and tell them this absolutely cannot be allowed to stand. Defend the spirit of the Constitution at all costs. If there has ever been a time to stand boldly in defense of liberty, that time is now.

Elizabeth Harper


Thanks for the help Kenny

To the Editor:

The first snow that we had covered my driveway, as it did many others. I bundled up and got my shovel out and proceeded to clear the drive in the event I would have to go somewhere. Just a short time into shoveling, a car came by and pulled into the next door neighbors drive. He got out and brought his snow shovel with him and said that he would finish clearing my driveway. After he did that, he then cleaned off my front porch and steps and finished by throwing rock salt on porch and steps which I had set out to do later.

At the time he stopped neither of us knew each other. After visiting a little, I found out he worked with a family member before retiring. I thanked him and told him how much I appreciated his help.

Just wanted to let others know, that there are a lot of good people who help others and don’t expect anything in return but a thank you. I hope that I can pay the favor forward for someone else who might need a helping hand. I don’t have his permission to use his full name, so I’ll just say, “thanks, Kenny.”

Viola Morgado


Eulogy for the TCEDA

To the Editor:

Lend me your ears. I come here to bury Cope, not to praise him. But unlike Marc Antony, I have no rhetoric to rescue the good name of the TCEDA.

Alex MacLean once again provides a revealing inside look as to how the Tuolumne County Economic Development Authority has been allowed to be used as Larry Cope’s personal ATM. And the most troubling of all is the fact that supervisors, county leaders and TCEDA board members all participated in gobbling up the revenue.

MacLean’s report appears to show a complete disregard for the public trust. Cope spent money without a thought as to how hard you and I worked to provide it through our taxes. And it seems John Gray thinks we are too stupid to understand how it all works.

Well, here’s a newsflash for all of you who partook of the public trough feeding frenzy and those that gave a wink and a nod to the practice. You are done. Tax revenue is too important to allow you to waste it. We will have to find new leaders who will have our fiduciary interest in mind. And bury the TCEDA once and for all.

David Titchenal