Unfair sentence

To the Editor:

So this guy received a five year, four month sentence for not only killing three people, but for leaving the scene knowing full well what he had done, and lied, and then tried to cover it up.

And the Judge Segerstrom’s explanation for giving him that instead of 10 years four months is that he had no prior criminal history?

He’s kidding, right? I was in his courtroom one time, and watched him and District Attorney Laura Krieg sentence a young woman who had been in trouble once before (not a violent crime), was then being sentenced to a charge of burglary receive a sentence of five years with two strikes (meaning that she will have to do 80 percent of her sentence) and she didn’t hurt anyone but herself.

This is a blatant slap in the face to not only truth, justice, and our trust in our legal system, but too, that Segerstrom and Krieg do it knowingly, but make out as if they have good reason and just cause. Is that how they’ll act this time as well?

Anderson will serve a little more (very little) then two years for being found guilty by a jury for killing three people, and that’s it.

He’ll get released before that young woman, and she was sentenced almost 2 years ago.

Steven Milner


Looking for win-win

To the Editor:

I just saw that President Trump and Congress seem to have reached an agreement to temporarily reopen the Federal Government and back pay workers who have been working without pay. I heartily congratulate all sides.

What I don’t look forward to is all the negative denunciations of our president and representatives on both sides for “caving under pressure,” voting against their base, for losing in the negotiations, and/or backing down. Please people, do not stoop to the level of negativity of Rush Limbaugh, Anne Coulter and Rachel Maddow. Nobody has to be a loser in negotiations when we the people are the winners.

I am not a President Trump supporter and to the contrary I can’t support anything he has done in his first two years. However, he still seems to have the support of 35-40 percent of Americans and we all need to acknowledge they also have opinions whether we like their opinions or not. No one likes to lose face with their supporters so I suggest reading excerpts from “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu about ensuring your enemies do not lose face in any negotiations.

Now let’s all get on with the work that needs to be done to pass comprehensive immigration legislation and whatever top notch border security we can agree on that truly reflects our differences of opinion with trade offs. That’s a whole other letter.

Ken Mousseau


Walls are effective

To the Editor:

Thirty-two countries have walls/barriers around their borders. The reasons stated for these walls are to deter drug smuggling, human trafficking, illegal immigration, and gangs and terrorist from infiltrating their countries. Does this sound familiar?

Contrary to the naysayers thinking walls/barriers do exactly what they are designed to do. Control borders. Pelosi stated that walls are immoral. If truly immoral, she should show some real leadership by example and remove the immoral walls from around her property.

How can we possibly trust the judgment of an immoral hypocrite? As you travel around our great country you will see millions of various barriers use for many purposes. All have the intention of keeping something or someone in or out of the walled area. If the are ineffective why do millions of us use them?

If truly immoral we need to do some soul searching as to whether we should have any barriers around our property. If you are against protecting our borders, which includes a wall, you do not believe in our sovereign right to protect our country.

You may want to also take down any barriers around your property and unlock your doors. I am sure there are some illegal immigrants or gang members or drug dealers or terrorists or human traffickers who would be glad to take advantage of your kindheartedness.

The proposed money for securing our borders will put a major dent in the billions of tax dollars being used to feed, shelter, cloth, educate, and provide medical care for those who choose to disrespect out country’s sovereignty.

It is time for our so-called government leaders to put your country first and support all means necessary to protect us and our children’s children from the potential and real dangers of having open uncontrolled borders.

Thomas Neiderer