Sanctuary city flaws

To the Editor:

Another senseless murder in California when an illegal immigrant, with an arrest record and ties to a southern Hispanic gang killed Corporal Ronil Singh. The suspect appeared before the judge and was ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation to determine if he is capable of understanding the legal process. I hope the Singh family will not have to endure the same pain Kathryn Steinle’s family has.

Lest we forget, Kathryn Steinle died after being attacked by an illegal immigrant, who also had an arrest record. The suspect was tried and found not guilty by a jury.

Since the Ronil Singh murder, California’ elected officials have been silent. Is it because this case does not further their agendas? Is it because if they acknowledge that an illegal immigrant with an arrest record should not have been in California, they will have to admit there are flaws in California’s “sanctuary city/state” policies?

J.L. Knigge


Political extortion

To the Editor:

Who says professional extortion is limited to organized crime, where the “protection racquet” is a long-standing means of income? Donald Trump is engaged in that crime in a most public and damaging way.

He says, quite literally, “Give me $5.7 billion for a wall on the southern border or I will withhold my signature from any budget proposal that Congress might offer.” So far this has caused a shutdown of some of the most critical parts of the government, thrown hundreds of thousands of governmental workers plus possibly millions of others out of work, and caused general chaos throughout the nation.

What else can this be called other than extortion by President Trump? Furthermore, by refusing to allow the Senate to even consider bills that do not comply with Trump’s demand, Mitch McConnell is also complicit in the extortion.

Last time I heard about it, extortion was still a crime. Where is a cop when you need one, or better yet, the Department of Justice?

Besides the criminal implications, by threatening both houses of Congress in this way he is injecting the executive branch of government into the legislative branch. If that works then say goodbye to what we used to call democracy. Trump will simply both make the laws and carry them out — kind of like where we were with King George in 1776, only worse.

Robert Rogers


The truth about glaciers

To the Editor:

Glaciers don’t lie. Cold freezes water, heat melts ice. Over time, colder climates produce glaciers, warmer climates melt them. All over the world, glaciers are disappearing, and the ice caps at the poles are melting.

The next time there is a heavy snowfall back East or a cold spell down South, and you hear Rush Dimbulb chuckle and wonder what happened to all that “global warming,” remember that the joke is on him because glaciers don’t lie.

John Watson


The wall is not the answer

To the Editor:

Whereas I agree with the letter on Jan. 10 stating that the killing of Newman police Corporal Roil Singh was tragic and should not have happened, I cannot agree with her conclusion that spending $5.7 billion (and ongoing maintenance costs) to build a wall is the best way to prevent such occurrences. Eliminating California’s sanctuary city policy of not reporting local felonies to ICE might have.

The statistical data (Washington Post, June 19, 2018 ), which includes research from the conservative Cato Institute, demonstrates that the threat of violent crime from undocumented immigrants is less than native-born citizens. The rate amongst legal immigrants is far less than either of these two groups. The efficacy of a wall has also been researched by the Cato Institute (May 2017 issue of Research) and not been shown to be the optimal approach to this problem.

Perhaps instead of reacting to the grandstanding of politicians of any side, we could research the issue, including asking the people working on-site at the border what they think would be the best way to enhance security. My guess is we would have a diversity of ideas and a mix of solutions that could lead to the most efficient use of taxpayer dollars.

Stefani Reichle