More of the Trump syndrome

To the Editor:

With regard to the Trump vs Democrat’s “Wall” stalemate, everyone seems to be missing the point. How the wall is made is not the issue, nor is even the wall itself!

The problem is the threatening thuggish tone of Trump’s proposal. Like a gangster. Which morphs any acceptance by the Democrats into “appeasement”. Which is what took us through WWII and the loss of 60 million lives to teach the World to avoid!

To Trump’s deranged brain, “appeasement” would confirm his already-settled conviction of being God Almighty wallowing in a sea of fanatic adulation, and serve to fully justify his criminal abuse of the presidential power of office. See?

He isn’t kidding when he says he’s “prepared to keep the government shut down for years if necessary “because the nation needs a wall.” Skip the fact that the nation also needs a working government a thousand (million?) times more.

Such lunatic antics by this human orangutan must stop forthwith! How much more proof of Trump’s un-fitness for office does the GOP need before they decide to step up and help with his impeachment?

If he can shut down the government for a foolish wall, then it’s but a short step to his using nukes at his whim! Which he legally can do unilaterally!

So folks, from my perspective of 92 years in the saddle, let me tell you this sad truth: So far, the GOP has blocked Trump’s impeachment in blind denial of his crimes. And if they continue to so bury their heads in the sand with their asses up, then one fine day they’ll wake up to find said asses blasted to kingdom come.

The pattern is clear. Yea, verily

Tom Cole

San Andreas