Great school program

To the Editor:

Thank you to teachers and students K-4 at Summerville Elementary for the wonderful musical program last week.

A great job done by all of you.

Hope all of you had a Merry Christmas.

Wishing you a Happy New Year.

Keep up the good work.

Dorothy Tate


America is bigger than Trump

To the Editor:

I’d love to agree with Phil Nichols’s letter (1/9/2019) regarding President Trump’s actions. With a few comments though.

1. Nichols calls for better relations with Russia. Because they have more nuclear weapons. Good intention but wrong reason. How about finding a middle ground between Cold War MADness (mutually assured destruction, remember?) and Trump’s coziness with Putin. NATO was not created to defend other countries but to contain the Soviet Union’s expansionary desires. Such a policy would require more diplomacy than Trump (or Jared Kushner) could possibly muster. Maybe it’s too much to expect anyway as both Trump Senior and his family are under Mueller’s microscope.

“North Korea is working on good relations with South Korea.” I believe it when I see it. Is it smart on our part to sit on the sidelines while a friend of ours negotiates with the “little rocket man” who could, at his whim, destroy the whole Southeast Asia? All he would need is a wink from our Chinese friends.

Our military engagements worldwide. We are not the world’s policeman; I agree. We use military presence mostly not to fight wars but to assert our sphere of influence, in other words, avoid wars. The reason for creating NATO was, as its first Secretary General, British Lord Ismay, famously remarked,”to keep the Soviets out, the Americans in, and the Germans down.” Trump’s mantra “America First” means ignoring our worldwide interests. That is plain foolish.

Our current President has no antenna for the subtleties of our global standing nor the complexities of America’s role in the world.

Regarding “crisis”: Crises will continue until we have a competent person in the Oval Office. Until that happens we are faced with his temper tantrums and the resulting hair-raising inconsistencies between one tweet and the next.

Klaus Kraemer


Too much class

To the Editor:

Just think, if your family had been denied access we wouldn’t have to deal with you today.

You need to remember in this country, when a dirty cop is found guilty of the pre-meditated murder of his wife, he ends up doing a 25 to life sentence. And it has nothing to do with the neighborhood he came from.

So, Trump and his family have too much class to care about your so-called “honor.”

Trump 2020.

Stacey Carlen

Twain Harte