Moral standards

To the Editor:

In reply to Mr. Anderson’s letter of Dec. 13, I say the office holder must earn that respect and not act like a horse’s patootie.

The nation stood to honor George H.W. Bush in recognition of his service to our country. While recognizing that he made some mistakes that did not serve us well, he still earned our respect and admiration.

He would have been the first to admit that he made mistakes because he was a humble man, despite not-so-humble beginnings — and he was an honorable man. The same cannot be said for the current occupant of the office.

Time to admit that we made a mistake and tell Donald J. Trump that he is not worthy as we did Richard Nixon in 1974. Have our moral standards so declined that we are willing to tolerate the most odious behavior of any president, ever? Yes, the Office of the President should be respected, but there are standards that must be met.

Myrna Doering