Trump’s family members were immigrants

To the Editor:

Trump is not denying access only to illegal immigrants, he is denying access to all immigrants. Just think, if Trump’s ancestors had been denied access we wouldn’t have to deal with Donald Trump today. Unless, of course, his ancestors were Native American.

Trump needs to remember that in this country one is resumed innocent until law enforcement has a reasonable suspicion of illegal activity, and this is not based solely upon one’s country or neighborhood.

When he begins to conduct himself as the elected leader of the greatest country in the world, I’ll be proud to honor him with the title of Mr. President.

Keith Carlen

Twain Harte

Obamacare for all

To the Editor:

Do you know what a “medical loss” is? I thought it meant someone died during surgery.

I was wrong. When your health insurance company pays a doctor’s bill, that’s what they call a medical loss.

But before calling insurers bad guys, put yourself in their shoes. They provide a service. They take a risk off our shoulders. How can they do it? They make sure to pool good and bad risks together. That’s how they can come up with a (hopefully) fair premium.

Insurers used to have an easy way to tweak their risks in favor of profits. They’d simply refuse to cover folks who had been sick before and exclude “pre-existing conditions.” Only healthy people may apply.

“Obamacare,” as certain politicians tried to ridicule the Affordable Care Act, is dead. Or is it? Congress isn’t quite sure. That was before they recently embraced some of its cardinal points. We all would be covered, and the insurance industry would be on solid ground. You just had to become part of the pool.

Opponents ask why healthy people should buy insurance. Sounds like a good argument. But it ignores the risk factor in the calculation. It’s the same with fire insurance. Don’t wait until you feel the heat. Then it’s too late.

It’s not only for humanitarian reasons that all industrialized nations have comprehensive health insurance. Search the internet, Canada, Europe how they do it while having a much better cost/benefit ratio.

Let’s realize that we all benefit when everyone is healthy and able to contribute to society.

The solution is Medicare for all.

Klaus Kraemer


Road improvements must match city history

To the Editor:

Regarding the crosswalk in front of the Red Church, I’m glad Sonora City Council is addressing the issue and applying for funding.

I do have comments on this regard, as the intersection from multiple directions has no traffic control and left to the vehicle driver.

The solar signs I have seen do get the attention of the driver, however, it is in-your-face technology in a town that is themed to a period of time. In-ground walkway lights would be a better solution and achieve the same goal. I do like the textured walkways either stamped concrete or even pavers.

I still believe a rotary will work with their plan and still control traffic flow. So there you have it from a regular visitor. One must be sensitive to the theme and period of the town of Sonora.

John Leloudis

Orlando, Fla

General Plan flawed

To the Editor:

After perusing the general plan online, it is no wonder the the current supervisors want to push their newly-available General Plan through so quickly, with little time for public review or input. A lot of time and paper could have been saved if the plan had simply been reduced to a memo: “The General Plan of Tuolumne county is for unrestricted, unmitigated development, without regard for associated social and environmental effects, and little consideration for short or long-term consequences.”

By the way, the township of Mountain Springs is back on the agenda. Check it out at

Kurt Quigley


Flag rules

To the Editor:

Lowering the flag to half staff for 30 days after the death of a President has been in effect since President Eisenhower’s administration. Not an original idea of President Trump.

Walter Reed


Why rush the General Plan?

To the Editor:

So, the Tuolumne County General Plan will be up for approval on Jan. 3 — four days before our two new supervisors are sworn in. What is the rush?

The Board has delayed approving this plan for years. The outgoing supervisors have not been concerned about approving this plan until the results of the November election were announced.

The final revised plan – 1,000 pages of technical reports and other documents — was not published until Dec. 6. How can the public respond in such a short amount of time? Let the people read, learn, and respond to a plan that will set the direction of our county for the next 20 years.

What’s the rush? Let the people have an educated voice. What is the Board of Supervisors afraid of?

Mary Anne Schmidt