Let Christian Heights be

To the Editor:

In response to the article about Christian Heights and complaints from neighbors, I can only say I am disappointed in certain members of our community. The building expansion has little to do with opposition to the events there. They should be able to expand instead of being delayed by a few who have had a vendetta against the church for too long.

Christian Heights has been a pillar of love. providing continuous free meals and special events for our community. They have been putting on events long before many of the naysayers ever lived here, and they have become part of the neighborhood culture for a long time. The most impressive event is the Passion of Christ. It is a moving reenactment of Jesus’ last days and there are few who would not feel light hearted and touched by God.

The events are free and most come at a great cost to the church. Most are geared towards children. I live in this neighborhood and when I hear the noise coming from the church grounds, I smile knowing children are enjoying themselves. Some events are a bit loud but a child’s outdoor birthday celebration would be the same.

Any nighttime events end before the mandated “quiet time” of 10 p.m. I don’t know why one neighbor suggests these noises are going on all night, an inaccuracy on his part and misleading to the public.

For those who find the noise annoying or offensive, think of the community. The events are not that often. Frankly, I am surprised that Christian Heights still chooses to offer them given the disrespect and ungraciousness of some.

Let’s not forget the church stages events in the spirit of love and the desire to serve our Lord and our community.

Jan Kittredge