Are you better off today?

To the Editor:

One year ago I wrote in The Union Democrat, “As of Dec. 22, 2017, Trump took over the American economy.”

So how was that first year?

WAGES — In California, when Democrats took over, our minimum wage was $8 an hour. Since then it climbed $11 in $2018, and on Jan. 1, 2019, it goes to $12. In the Trumpnation states, most are stuck at $7.25 an hour.

HEALTH CARE — Trumpublicans are still trying to abolish the ACA/Obamacare. However, thanks to American voters, it looks like Democrats will now protect, and improve, our health care coverage.

JOBS — Still good, but many red flags: tariffs, loss of tax revenues, massive debt, loss of buying power, distribution of wealth, corruption, Trump government shut down, ad nauseam.

BETTER ROADS — Much improved thanks to the SB1 — 12 cents a gallon gas tax - and the no on Prop 6 vote. No help from Tuolumne County voters but thanks to the rest of California.

STOCK MARKET - Now down for the year because of the end of the “sugar rush” from corporate tax breaks, Trump tariffs and trade war. Stock Market (DJIA) on Dec. 22, 2017, was 24,754; 12 months later 24,366.

NATIONAL ANNUAL DEFICIT AND DEBT — First year $585 billion; 2018 $833 billion (plus 42 percent); forecast for 2019 again over a trillion dollars. National Debt 2017 $20.245 trillion; 2018 $21.666 trillion. So much for Trumpublican’s promise to cut our debt.

THE FUTURE - I see a Trump train wreck. Tariffs equal higher prices and fewer jobs. Trade wars equal recession or worse. Distribution of wealth means rich get richer and poor get poorer. The poser played the American people for suckers, just like Putin, Un and Xi are playing him.

Domenic Torchia


Stop hatred

To the Editor:

I listen to both sides. I watch both sides, so I am very informed. Some letter writers forgot to view both sides. I don’t care for President Trump’s outspoken style. I do however respect the office and remember half the country voted for him.

The country has been changing and a lot of it is good. You now need to be fair and look at both sides when you call President Trump an ignoramus with a personality disorder, a lair, racist, Nazi, mentally ill, bigot, misogynist, fake president and every other nasty names fake news and the Democratic house and senate can throw out.

You should remember half the USA is at the receiving end. They may be your best friend, brother, sister, mother, father. If I were to walk in to your home or place of business and started calling you names and anything I could think of, that is hateful.

I am pretty sure I would be thrown out physically. Stop using the hate. It may be a loved one receiving it.

Chuck Stoffel


Read the report

To the Editor:

Government typically tries to bury bad news on Friday, as people are distracted with plans for the weekend. The best day of the year to bury real bad news is Black Friday, and that is what Trump had his administration do.

They posted the latest ‘National Climate Assessment’ on Black Friday, hoping the bombshell report would get overlooked in the post-Thanksgiving shopping frenzy. The document references over 1,000 research papers, 13 federal agencies and more than 300 leading climate scientists, all warning of catastrophic impact of climate change. Fossil fuel consumption emits 100 times more pollution than all the volcanoes emit each year.

For those who rubber-stamp Trump, you may want to check what the governmental agencies in Miami, Florida are seeing and doing regarding climate change. As sea levels rise, the city of Miami will be the most impacted in the Country. Their data is already showing sea levels are rising, and sections of Miami will be underwater in the near future.

And Trump’s reply to this federal report, which is the same reply he uses for all our federal governmental agencies and our federal courts, “I don’t believe it”. Fact check, not Fox News check, will show Trump’s record on any of his claims and accusations is pathetically poor regarding accuracy. Our children and grandchildren are the ones that are going to suffer from Trump’s short sightedness. We need to vote in political candidates that believe in Science.

Ed Gorth


The reason for the season

To the Editor:

I hope everyone enjoys this Christmas season with family, friends, food, trees, lights, and presents but please remember Christmas is all about Jesus.

Norm Gough