The president deserves respect

To the Editor:

On Wednesday, Nov. 7, I watched President Trump’s TV news conference following the midtermelections on Nov. 6. The results were mixed with the Republicans winning control in the Senate and the Democrats controlling the house. Of course both sides wanted to win it all.

One of the first questions was from reporter Jim Acosta of CNN News, who sat directly front center of Trump. His opening was, “I want to challenge you” on several issues. When the president attempted to respond Acosta’s negative attitude was obvious. He wanted to put the president on the defensive and destroy him through intimidation and accusations.

When the president asked him to give up the microphone for the next question, he refused to do so despite the efforts of the lady usher trying to do her job. At this point the president’s spokeswoman called the reporter’s actions disgusting and pulled his news pass. It’s hard to believe that CNN defended Mr. Acosta’s behavior and stated CNN is the voice of the people.

I’m sure that our world leaders around the globe who watched this event were shocked at the way the USA president is treated by the press in America.

My question is, are there any standards or limits for the press or does free speech mean something different for the news media?

To me, there are some things in our great country worthy and deserving of our respect. I’d list the top three as our flag, our national anthem and the Office of the President. What you say?

Richard (Dick) Anderson

Twain Harte

Republicans have changed

To the Editor:

I’m a 22-year-old progressive who was raised in Tuolumne, currently studying political science and criminal justice at San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton. I happily participated in the historic election for Josh Harder in California’s 10th District. I want to share as to why the youth movement for liberals is what it is, and why you should expect it.

Personally, in my four years of adulthood I’ve learned a few things already. Private health insurance is a complicated and disgusting practice, roads everywhere suck, the rich are getting richer while us at the bottom see a $1 minimum wage increase is a blessing, and there is rampant corruption and immorality in politics, primarily the GOP.

When other people hear the issues I have with the government, instead of asking my why I feel that way, all I’ve ever gotten was I was a snowflake and I’m just hurt Hillary lost (ironic, as I didn’t even vote for her.)

Republicans when I grew up, which I’ll admit up to age 18 I said I was one, were from what I believed a party of morality, fiscal responsibility, and protectors of personal rights and freedoms. With Donald Trump’s illegal and immoral acts, the party supporting the likes of Roy Moore, the newest tax plan that gave incredibly large amounts of money to the wealthy that used it for record amounts of stock buybacks, and attempting to ruin our rights with things like net neutrality, it’s hard to really think that the GOP is for anything other than helping the rich stay rich.

While I am a liberal, I’m very pro 2nd amendment and believe in taxes being used as they should be. Just a thought.

Alex Carney


Respect jurors

To the Editor:

I recently had jury duty in Tuolumne County and I was upset by the actions I saw by the bailiffs as we entered the court house. Several people had special boots on for broken feet or sprained ankles and were told to remove the boots before going through the metal detector.

Some of these jurors were senior citizens who were having issues removing their boots and one woman especially who had a broken foot. The bailiff made a nasty comment to them “stating they were able to put their boots on this morning, they should be able to do it again. I was appalled by this bailiff.

These jurors including myself deserve a little more respect by the bailiffs, after all, we are jurors not the criminals. I read through my juror instructions just to confirm that jurors were subject to this type of inspection.

Going forward I would suggest to all future jurors to not wear boots of any sort. And also to the juror commissioner to state in the instructions that you are subject to removing your boots, which would make everyone’s life a little easier during their jury duty.

And to the bailiff that was working that day, shame on you. Where is your respect to seniors and jurors? If they don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say it at all.

Thomas Donnell

La Grange

Firefighters deserve better

To the Editor:

Well, he’s done it again. Our commander in chief has stuck his foot deep in his mouth.

Bad talking the forest service threatening to cut off federal funding while our firefighters are out risking their lives in a hell most people can’t imagine.

It’s embarrassing for the president to run the oval office from “twitterdum” or wherever all those “tweets” he throws out there come from.

He needs to have his tweet privilege revoked.

My daughter says if I don’t quit talking about all this negativity it’s causing the earth to wobble on its axis and I believe her. So I’ll close my little tirade with something positive.

Hey, how about Trump’s hair? I wish I had that much.

Steve Tucker

Big Oak Flat