Shortsightedness leads to disaster

To the Editor:

President Trump says our water and air have never been cleaner and will accept no responsibility for keeping them that way. As usual the president only sees what is in front of him at any given time, and takes no account of the fact that it as taken generations to clean the pollution from our lakes, streams and our air.

Does anyone remember Love Canal, the cleanup of the Hudson, or skies so polluted over Los Angeles that you could not see the sun? I do, and, we have examples here locally of pollution that has been left behind by corporate interests — the gold mine pit off Harvard Road in Jamestown, and radioactive materials left behind in Jupiter from Uranium mining in the 1950s, (which has only recently been mitigated through the environmental fund).

That environmental fund, by the way, was set up precisely because of such environmental disasters as Love Canal, and, now, shortsighted Trump thinks corporations should have no responsibility for paying into this fund, so again, our children will be left, not only with the pollution, but, without the wherewithal to clean it up.

Myrna Doering