More tourism
for Sonora

To the Editor:

Tourism is the life blood of Sonora. Tourists bring money into our county, support our shops and restaurants, and strengthen our economy. The Sonora City Council has invested over $100,000 a year in the Tuolumne County Economic Development Activity with meager results. Let’s move this money into more promising activities.

Let’s invest our economic development money to bring more tourists into Sonora Let’s sponsor weekend music festivals with big name entertainment and draw people from outside the county to spend the weekend here with us. We could create a weekly downtown live music culture by offering local restaurants half the cost of hiring live music on Friday and Saturday nights. We could close down a few blocks of downtown for Saturday street fairs.

Art Tours are also attractive tourist events. Recently, the county cut funding for the arts. By cutting the direct funding, they also eliminated the matching funds, which were four to five times as much. The City of Sonora can restore funding for our artistic community. We can feature their work in downtown galleries and with the successful Art Trails Program that brings people into the homes and studios of local artists.

Traffic and parking downtown are a mess. A bypass has been proposed, but is strongly opposed by local residents. Most of the congestion is due to people parking cars or using the crosswalks. A solution is to eliminate parking on Washington Street completely and build a couple of parking garages on current city parking lots. Another part of the solution could be crosswalk lights that are synchronized with each other.

I’m sure that there are many more ideas for attracting tourists. We should scout cities that have been successful and see which of their ideas will work here. Let’s get going.

Marvin Keshner


A fine opinion

To the Editor:

The editorial you carried by Rob Cohen on Nov. 20 is the finest opinion piece I’ve seen in years. It’s titled: “TV news is as much to blame for democracy’s decline as the president.” Thank you for making it the center of your Opinion page. I’m keeping a copy to share with friends and family at Thanksgiving. I won’t be the only reader to do so.

For some time, I’ve found myself in uneasy agreement with our Fake President about TV news. Most of it is indeed fake, tiny bits of yesterday’s actual news but whole stories built around tweets from Trump, “an ignoramus with a personality disorder,” as Cohen so aptly writes.

Stop the coverage. As Cohen notes, CNN has given this ignoramus thousands of hours of free publicity. They did it strictly for ratings, still do. Now who’s the ignoramus, the media for perpetuating fake news or me and you for watching?

Enough free publicity. This paper can lead the way. If you have to run a story on the liars and bigots of this Fake Administration, at least put it on the Comics page where it belongs.

Beetle Barbour