The silence is deafening!

To the Editor:

On Oct. 19, and barely in time due to the county’s inexcusably short comment period, Tuolumne Utilities District (TUD) submitted to the Tuolumne County Community Resource Agency (CRA), an in-depth list of needed revisions to the Revised General Plan along with a request for a 45-day extension in order to review the 500+ page EIR.

Mind you, the county has never asked TUD for their input on water, utilities, agriculture, OES or anything else in the draft plan that would directly affect TUD customers and the community’s watersheds.

TUD’s revisions were put together by an ad hoc committee consisting of president Barbara Balen, director Ron Kopf and interim general manager Dave Andres. The reason TUD inserted themselves is because this county has a history of making costly mistakes by keeping land use planning and water infrastructure in separate silos. Hello, county, is there anyone out there listening? Absolutely no response back as of yet.

Along the same lines, in February, the Environmental Health Division and the CRA tried to slide through a Local Area Management Plan regarding Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (aka septic systems), again, without ever contacting or consulting with TUD. You have to be kidding me? Really?

The largest water and sewer provider in the county, and the county doesn’t include them in the “conversation.” Thankfully, Tom Haglund from TUD, submitted comments to protect our county’s water and sewer interests. TUD ratepayers will not pick up the bill for poor planning.

The revised General Plan is supposed to be the blueprint for orderly growth while protecting our community’s quality of life. I think not so much. The EIR does neither. To ram it through with a 30-day review is purely political. Would this be why Randy Hanvelt found himself on the outside looking in suddenly?

Ron W. Ringen