Try a little human decency

To the Editor:

About a month ago, the Union Democrat published a letter reminiscing about times one regarded another individual as a human being practicing decency.

The letter writer asserted that she knew folks of the opposing party who had the best interests of the country in mind, even if their approach was not the same as hers, and that those folks deserved respect for their opinions. She signed herself as a Republican.

A week later an individual called for the UD to publish letters every two weeks promoting decency. I agree — shall we start a “write in” movement? Maybe we can take it to bigger regions.

I grew up a one-step short of radical liberal Democrat in the late ‘60s early ‘70s, and I remember respecting conservative Republicans (conservative wasn’t the sole property of the Republican party and many Democrats were not liberal — but many Republicans were). Isn’t it really time to grow up and stop demonizing? Turn off the TV if the host/commentator refers to people as animals or the face of evil, or dismisses politicians who reach out to work across the aisle to resolve the huge problems of our day such as homelessness, medical care, immigration, etc.

Alison Morgan