Reelect Randy Hanvelt, Supervisor District 2

To the Editor:

I have known Randy Hanvelt, supervisor District 2, for several years being involved in various agricultural/natural resources organizations, as well as youth ag groups in our county.

Randy has worked tirelessly to secure our voice in Washington, D.C., as well as in state regulations and in our county ordinances and property rights. He advocates for the right to farm and ranch and to promote local businesses in our forests in addition to improving the health of our forests and sustaining a future for young families wanting to stay, raise their families and make a living in their hometowns.

As wildfires continue to rage all year long now, his devotion to tree mortality trying to find remedies to a devastating threat is unwavering.

Support Randy on Nov. 6, Election Day.

Teri Arington


Support for Sylwester and Campbell

To the Editor:

The recent Grand Jury report expressed strong concerns about the TCEDA and its director in terms of its operations, procedures, budget and lax record keeping. These concerns are being investigated but I wonder why they weren’t addressed earlier by our Board of Supervisors. The BOS approved the director’s contract, the TCEDA budget and annual reports. The buck stops at the top. A board representative serves on the TCEDA Board. Why did they tolerate this free wheeling lack of accountability? Is this common in other county departments?

Sonora Vision has spent countless hours and thousands of dollars seeking ways to make Sonora more attractive to tourists. Our BOS built an ugly building (the juvenile hall) with a clawing fence surrounding it on Sonora’s southern entrance. The architect made mistakes; the contractor made mistakes; the county covered the expenses for correcting the mistakes. Isn’t this unusual? The contractor has contributed to Randy Hanvelt’s election campaign fund. Is it appropriate for Mr. Hanvelt accept this donation?

Randy Hanvelt’s campaign posters say “path to prosperity.” Whose prosperity? Are we better off today than we were before he was elected? Are our county roads better or worse than they were eight years ago? Four years ago? What about affordable housing? Or the homeless? Or our local businesses? What has Randy Hanvelt done for the people of Tuolumne County?

It’s time for a change in our county leadership. Vote for Ryan Campbell and Laurie Sylwester for the Board of Supervisors.

Ellen Beck


Support for Ringen

To the Editor:

Every voter in Tuolumne County will have the opportunity to vote for Tuolumne Utilities District Board members on Nov. 6. Our water board, TUD, is extremely important for the well being of our community. It manages the many miles of ditches as well as the allocation of water during a prolonged drought as we have recently seen.

One candidate for TUD, the incumbent Ron Ringen, understands that we live in a watershed which TUD must keep healthy. Our quality of life depends on it. He is committed to preserving our fragile environment and to keeping water affordable for our rural county uses.

Ron Ringen brings common sense, financial integrity and passion to the ongoing challenge of keeping our water clean and safe. He understands the value of collaborating with local, state and regional partners, whether it’s for fire protection or obtaining grants for dead tree removal.

If you attended the recent candidates’ forum sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, you would have noticed that Ron Ringen far outshone his opponents in his knowledge about our local water and sewer issues.

Ron Ringen has provided strong leadership on the current TUD board. He has developed positive working relationships with government officials at all levels. Ron was instrumental in obtaining a $500,000 grant from the Sierra Nevada Conservancy for fire safety along the ditch system. He is also responsible for improving the transparency of TUD finances so we, the public, can know how our rate funds are being spent.

I urge you to vote for Ron Ringen for TUD Board on Nov. 6. He is the candidate with the proven experience and leadership we need. See his website:

Pat Cervelli


Support for Sylwester, Campbell, Ringen and Grinnell

To the Editor:

Having attended a forum, debate, TUD agency planning meeting and reading various newspaper ads, I have important information. The Chamber forum was well done, giving us the opportunity to observe what the candidates knew and how they performed under pressure.

It was obvious the two TUD incumbents, Jim Grinnell and Ron Ringen, have a thorough grasp of the agency’s work program and the importance of working with TUD staff to develop and support goals for improvement of water treatment and service for a growing population. The challengers seemed to vaguely know what was happening, possibly by not having attended important TUD planning meetings.

Supervisor candidates, Sylwester for District 3 and Campbell for District 2, seemed quite promising with firm answers on issues, and a vision for progress through good planning with a commitment to meet the needs of the people first.

Kirk, candidate for District 3, seemed vague about how he intended to represent the people with his day job at the prison and be occupied in the evening as youth minister and family man. After seeing him at the debate in Tuolumne and reading various political advertisements, I realize he doesn’t worry about not having the time for research and planning because current supervisors and special interests will be right there to help him with decision-making on important issues, bypassing the people’s input, the most important component of a supervisor’s job.

Please vote for Laurie Sylwester and Ryan Campbell. They will best represent you. This also applies to the TUD incumbents Ron Ringen and Jim Grinnell. Tuolumne County is a “pot of gold.” Please protect our water resources, our beauty and our heritage against outside influence and special interests. These candidates care about your quality of life and your future.

Barbara Farkas


Support for DiBasilio

To the Editor:

Calaveras County Sheriff candidate Gary Stevens recently ran an advertisement titled, “The Case for the 51.23% Majority.”

One of his two points was the majority of voters in the primary did not choose Calaveras County’s “temporary sheriff.” This is true. But there was a clear majority of voters who did, in fact, choose Sheriff Rick DiBasilio. The vote total for DiBasilio was 48.77 percent; clearly more than either of the two challengers garnered. This is fairly common in elections with more than two candidates.

The votes for Sheriff DiBasilio were a small margin short of the 50 percent plus one needed to provide him a victory. The county’s election results were DiBasilio 7,375 (48.76 percent), Gary Stevens 4,282 votes (28.31 percent) and Patrick Garrahan 3,446 votes (22.78 percent), write in votes 21 (.14 percent).

Despite the fact that Stevens claims there was not a majority vote for DiBasilio, the sheriff was clearly and significantly in the lead. Another way to look at the numbers might be that since a total of 71.54 percent did not vote for Gary Stevens, he was not a popular choice.

The second of Mr. Stevens’s observations was, “the third challenger and I are seasoned law enforcement professionals.” This seems to imply that the sheriff is not a “seasoned professional.”

Exactly how he arrived at this conclusion is not stated or clear. The sheriff was not randomly picked to fill this position. The Calaveras Board of Supervisors decided that he was the best candidate. Sheriff DiBasilio has now worked in the highest administrative post for about two years.

I wanted to provide a different perspective in these matters and to voice my support for Sheriff DiBasilio’s candidacy.

Chuck Grennell


Support for Sylwester

To the Editor:

Teddy, T.R., Roosevelt, a Republican president, was quoted saying, “Civic life must be marked by the fellow feeling, the mutual respect, the sense of common duties and common interests which arise when men take the trouble to understand one another.”

Laurie Sylwester, candidate for Board of Supervisors District 3, has demonstrated those very attributes of leadership.

She is kind, understanding and deeply committed to the interests and well being of every resident of Tuolumne County. My vote is for Laurie Sylwester, a woman of intelligence, a kind heart, and a deep devotion to all who live in this county.

Susan Thoms


Support for Kirk

To the Editor:

We met Anaiah Kirk when he knocked on our door and introduced himself, the only candidate to do so in the many years in our home. We liked Anaiah immediately, and liked him even more when he shared his platform with us. He’s a family man of good moral character, and we look forward to his vision for Tuolumne County coming to fruition.

Go Anaiah.

Tom and Loree Wills