Morse and McCain

To the Editor:

As the nation mourns Sen. McCain’s passing, we are left with the memory of how he said he would like to be remembered. To CNN Jake Tapper’s query, he said simply: “He served his country,” and then added that he hoped we could add honorably. Well done, Senator McCain. When it came to compromising your values, you stood tall and did not waiver. This cannot be said of many serving in our Senate, and many of those who do stand up to power in Congress are leaving.

America is left with a desperate need to replace men such as these. This November we have the chance to vote for a candidate who has served her country honorably with the Department of Defense, Department of State, and the U.S. Agency for International Development. From global poverty to the root causes of terrorism, Jessica Morse has found innovative solutions to these problems in her service to our country.

Like Sen. McCain, Jessica believes it’s time to focus on what works, not partisan politics. She looks at problems through a community lens, and putting people first, finds enduring solutions, because she is not a politician, she is a public servant. Please vote for Jessica’s experience and her commitment and drive to serve our communities interests in Washington Nov. 5.

Myrna Doering


Road suggestions

To the Editor:

Highway 108 in the Jamestown/Sonora area is jammed with vehicles much of the time now. Something needs to be done to reduce congestion — possibly widen the highway.

One very bad area is at Mill Villa Road. Entering the highway from here is life threatening at best. Turning right toward Sonora is sometimes difficult, and turning left toward Jamestown can be downright dangerous.

A traffic light at this point might be the answer. At the very least, a merging lane for right turners would be a big help. In this area there is a wide, flat shoulder that is mostly paved for a substantial distance. It seems that making it into a merging lane would be a simple and logical thing to do. That lane would also tie into the ramp to Stockton Road, leading to downtown Sonora. The cost for this improvement should be comparatively small.

The proposed North/South bypass in Sonora would reduce congestion on Washington Street, but how about congestion on Greenley Road? Would it be widened to carry the increased traffic, and would it connect, via Old Wards Ferry Road, to the 108 bypass?

There should be on/off ramps at that point anyway. Bypass traffic from the west that turns left at Lime Kiln Road and causes additional congestion on the south end of Washington Street (much of this traffic then turns east on Mono Way) could use Old Wards Ferry Road to access major shopping areas. What an improvement that would be.

If Caltrans ever decides to upgrade Highway 49 between Angels Camp and Highway 108, they should be encouraged to cut across the Rawhide Road area toward Jamestown, completely bypassing Sonora. That would reduce congestion in Sonora and reduce the travel mileage on Highway 49. It would be a great improvement.

Jerry Fueslein


Trump’s report card

To the Editor:

The slogan was “Make America Great Again.” Candidate Trump made promises that inspire his supporters in spite of a year and a half of investigations and acknowledgement of law violations. More will be uncovered as this unscrupulous businessman faces further scrutiny, yet his supporters choose to ignore these as mere distractions because in their words, “He has kept his campaign promises.”

Looking at a few of his promises, let’s see the result.

Rolling back regulations. Banking and EPA regulations both rolled back. Big business are the winners. Citizens the losers.

Immigration. Still a mess. Witness the attempts to stop illegals by separating children from parents. The DACA program still in limbo. Trump was partially successful in preventing Muslims from coming to the U.S. Trump views Muslims like most illegals as a threat to Americans. Statistics show otherwise.

Trade. Trump and administration’s tariff wars are using a shotgun approach instead of sensible targeting, which is costing some manufacturing and farming to suffer. If 2018 imports mirror 2017, the steel and aluminum firms alone could see $9 billion dollars increase due to tariffs.

Infrastructure. There has been no movement.

Appoint conservative judge to the Supreme Court. One appointed and another waiting confirmation. Could be the repeal of Roe vs Wade.

Healthcare. Trump unsuccessful in killing Obamacare, but has wounded it for millions of people, making it more costly. His promises to bring down prescription drug prices by allowing Medicare to negotiate with drug companies quietly died.

Tax cuts. Added over $1.9 trillion over next 10 years to debt. Biggest winners are corporations and big business who have been buying back their stock shares and making them wealthier. Wages are still stagnant.

Trump drained the swamp. Yes, he replaced it with a cesspool.

Wayne Kirkbride

Twain Harte

Maciel for TUD

To the Editor:

John Maciel is a candidate for the TUD Board. My wife and I both support him in his efforts. I have known John for a number of years. John is a “get things done” guy. He is thoughtful and does his research before forming an opinion.

His commitment to the community is undeniable given his participation in service club activities including wood delivery for needy elderly, support for the dog park built by Sonora Sunrise Rotary, and timing races for charitable causes. John is caring and passionate about serving this community.

During his career, John managed public facilities making him a perfect choice for the TUD Board.

Jeff and Robin Phillips


Smog hurts us all

To the Editor:

Now that the smoke from nearby wildfires is starting to clear, you might have enjoyed taking a breath of fresher air. But from my lookout on Big Hill, I can see a ugly layer of smog hanging over the valley all summer long. Unfortunately, we are at the top of that layer, and even small amounts of things that we can’t smell or see aren’t doing our health any good.

Because of the smog problem in Southern California and the San Joaquin Valley, California was given exemptions to set its own auto emissions and fuel efficiency standards. Given the incentive to develop less polluting technology, the auto manufactures have done just that, and measurable progress has been made. The Trump administration, whose motto seems to be “do more harm,” wants to make changes that would stop progress and lower the standards for the future.

Back East, coal companies level mountaintops and shove the toxic waste into stream beds. Trump and company want to make that coal economically competitive with natural gas by allowing states to increase greenhouse gas emissions and by letting older power plants continue to operate without modern pollution controls. Those outdated power plants poison the air with particulates and the land and water with a number of toxins including mercury. This harms everyone whether they believe in man-made climate change or not.

How can polluting more make America better? If you are not already outraged, stop and think about it; Trump and the cowards in Congress are trashing the landscape, endangering your health, and risking our future for no good reason. Let’s take care of our land and our people by electing Democrats like Jessica Morse to Congress so they can work on legislating sensible policies for the future.

John Watson



To the Editor:

How disappointing and sad to see that Center For A Non Violent Community, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, was not listed in the Charities section of the UD’s annual Know It All Guide.

Center For A Non Violent Community (CNVC) has been serving the community for well over 20 years. CNVC provides services and programs to families, children, men and women who are survivors of domestic violence and/or sexual assault.

There is transitional housing for survivors for up to two years allowing for the rebuilding of a healthy life, the emergency shelter for women and their minor children who are fleeing domestic violence, and counseling to children by licensed therapists.

CNVC’s prevention programs are offered to preschools, and kindergarten through 9th grade. These prevention programs provide education and resources to prevent child molestation, bullying, harassment, teen dating violence, date rape and suicide. CNVC’s services are offered free of charge.

Anyone, man, woman or child can walk through its doors and can ask for help. So to list CNVC, only under Women’s Health Care, is inaccurate and incorrect and does not highlight its many services. CNVC serves the whole community.

SC Whitney


Where is the outrage?

To the Editor:

Politicians are so heartless on the left, they make a continuous showing on the border with the extremely biased left cable channels over children being separated. This has been going on for two previous administrations, they don’t mention that. They never mention the traffickers of pedophiles or abuse. Have any of their children been shot or killed?

Here’s my dilemma. Toddlers, children, teenagers who are American citizens are being murdered everyday. In Chicago recently 77 citizens shot, 12 killed, some children. Killed not separated from parents. Where is the outrage from these liberal left politicians?

It’s not good to their base besides it is a Democrat mayor. They would rather go on TV 24-7 on illegals, than cover murdered American children! Americans should make a choice, the dog-and-pony show they always put on or the real travesty going on that is buried in newspapers on the back pages and nearly never mentioned on your liberal cable channels.

Michael Wood