A political charade

To the Editor:

There have been hysterical calls by prominent politicians, ex-”intelligence” individuals, MSM news readers who are in reality stenographers to the American propaganda machine, declaring President Trump a “treasonous” leader.

Americans are supposed to swallow the story that the Russian government was behind an attempt to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. We are to believe that our “intelligence” community has the goods on the Russian hackers and that we must “trust” them. Do we have such short memories on what that intelligence community called a “slam dunk” about Iraq’s WMD that launched an illegal war on an innocent country that slaughtered millions and left that country a continuing disaster?

Or, the “intelligence community” that ignored all the forewarnings of an attack in 2001? The trail of goof-ups by our “intelligence agencies” also include the gross inability to have a clue about the impending collapse of the Soviet Union.

We are still caught up on the old Cold War philosophies. There is a deep part of our country still entangled in McCarthyism. We made promises to the New Russia that we would not expand NATO. We speak with forked tongue.

It is worth thinking that if Americans would believe anything contrary to their leaders their lives would be so disrupted that the political/social system would collapse. How many times do we have to be lied to before we say, “enough,” or suffer a military coup?

The indictments of these “hackers” portrayed as “....agents of the Russian government” still indicate no proof of the charges. Would these indictments withstand the scrutiny of legal discovery?

None of this was ever meant to be presented in a real court of law. A real political charade. The old saying about, “You can indict a ham sandwich” is going to be demonstrably proven true here.

Bert Canepa


Trump helping Trump

To the Editor:

Whether the “Sun King” of France, Louis XIV, ever said “L’etat C’est Moi” seems to be in some dispute now. What is not in dispute is that he believed it. He felt he was an absolute monarch and in total control.

Trump certainly displays that he believes he is an absolute monarch. “L’etat C’est Moi” perfectly describes Trumps feelings.

I say feelings because Trump operates on feelings. He has no intellectual idea or concept of what America really is. By his statements and behavior we can be assured that he does not believe in the concept of “we the people, for the people and by the people.”

He ignores U.S. protocol in dealing with heads of state. He held private meetings with Kim and Putin. We do not really know what he agreed to with two countries whose primary interests are to destroy us. We are in dangerous times evidenced by the performance earlier this week by Trump in Helsinki.

He is not keeping his vow to protect the U.S. He is protecting himself. He has dangerously cut off the U.S./South Korean military maneuvers meant to keep South Korea and the U.S. safe.

What has he agreed to with Putin on Syria? Trump feels free to destroy our relationships with long term friends who share our values.

It troubles me that those on the far right continue to support him without any question. They are not critical thinkers. They are simply drinking the Kool-Aid. Trump would like to be president for life using the U.S. for his own personal gain. I guess this is fine with the Trumpets. While we are still free, I say God bless America, the greatest country on Earth and God save us all from Trump.

Carol Malispina


Wasting county resources

To the Editor:

Again, I see county resources not being used effectively. Does it really require two probation officers in one vehicle and a Sheriff’s deputy in another vehicle to do a probation check on a low risk probationer? Not. Leave the cop on his/her beat. I’m sure the probation officers can handle themselves. They are well equipped.

Paul McNaul


Time to face reality

To the Editor:

As President Trump’s agenda becomes a reality, the Democrats and their left-wing fanatics become more hateful, mean spirited, desperate and out of control. This includes the media and its fake news. Mad Maxine Waters, hysterical and repugnant rhetoric, encouraging the public to harass members of the President’s administration, denying them their constitutional rights. Refusing them service in the local D.C. restaurants. Demonstrating at their homes and on and on, Maxine Waters should be impeached.

And then there’s 1000-yard stare, Nancy Pelosi, need I say more? These tactics reminds one of Russia 1917 and or the sit-ins when black people were denied their rights.

The left wing crackpots, rant and rave “resist, resist.” Resist what? A booming economy? Millions of jobs? Tax reform? Tax cuts? Renegotiating bad trade deals? Negating the lousy Iranian deal? The president’s effort to bring North Korea to the negotiating table?

It’s time to face reality, my liberal friends. Crooked Hillary lost, and even the corrupt leadership and I repeat leadership of the FBI and DOJ could give her victory. The American voters have spoken. Thank God.

Charles Pesha