Leave big box stores in big cities

To the Editor:

Although we live outside of Angels Camp for close to 40 years, we have shopped along the Highway 4 corridor, including in Angels. Angels Camp City Council is considering a zoning change to allow Tractor Supply to build.

When we hear people talk about wanting big box stores in our foothill communities, we remind them that most people move to the foothills to live in a rural area. If box stores are important to them, they can live in just about any other city in the country, where they can find all the big stores they want.

The strength of our county is the fact that family and locally owned businesses keep money and jobs in our community. Like most people up here, we sometimes leave the area to access a big box store. Yet, for most of our building and home needs, we have used local stores such as Calaveras Lumber, Ebbett’s Pass Hardware, Spence’s, and Middleton’s, to name a few. The service at these stores is great, the prices reasonable, and the owners and staff are local.

Angels Camp City Council needs to decide if they want to keep their community rural or allow their home to look like most other towns filled with strip malls and stores that compete with small local business owners. They need to step up and show the people of Calaveras County who they represent.

Gail & Ted Bunge


Fly-In was a success

To the Editor:

On behalf of the citizens of Tuolumne County and the numerous weekend visitors, I want to thank and congratulate the Columbia Airport manager, office and maintenance staff, airport volunteers, FBO operators Courtney & Bald Mountain Aviation and Springfield Flying Service, as well as interested airport folks for all of their efforts toward making the 2018 Columbia Airport Fly-In and Air Show one of the best in recent memory.

Thanks should also go to the sponsors and air crew of the fabulous WW-II ‘Mitchell’ B-25 Bomber, the various ‘YAK’ Combat Fighter aircraft and all other aviators who made the effort to fly from near and far to attend this year’s Columbia Fly-In.

Kudos must also go to the organizers of the car display and participants for bringing out their wonderful vintage and classic cars for public viewing.

Most of all, thank you to all of the folks who came out over the weekend to enjoy the wonderful weather and Fly-In activities and events

Let’s all look forward to seeing everyone return for the 2019 Columbia Fly-In.

Donn Marinovich


Children should not be pawns

To the Editor:

When most people see or hear a crying child, their first reaction is to provide comfort and find a way to relieve the child’s distress. The reaction is primal and instinctual. It doesn’t matter what situation or event caused the distress, the decent human response is one of compassion and concern.

Recently, we have all been confronted by images and sounds of children and families in distress. In our name, this administration, following a policy that characterizes these families as an infestation, is detaining and incarcerating children. Without a system or plan to reunify these children, they are separated from their parents and warehoused in makeshift facilities.

Tom McClintock’s reaction has been to issue a statement of mangled facts, devoid of compassion or empathy. He champions the “rule of law,” yet supports an administration actively engaged in attacking law enforcement officials and flaunting ethical and moral standards. Even the president, realizing the political liability of employing such reprehensible tactics, has withdrawn his support for such actions, leaving McClintock again espousing an extreme position.

Having fact-based discussions on immigration policy is one thing; using children and families as leverage to extort concessions is another. But McClintock routinely supports the most draconian legislative proposals which have little chance of passage, and his record indicates an unwillingness to compromise or empathize with those who don’t fit his narrow definition of value or worth.

Our government acts in our name. We deserve a representative who believes in common decency and acts with tolerance and humanity. It is possible to represent our interests without inflicting misery on others. Choose better. Choose Jessica Morse to be our representative.

Barbara Smith