Remembering veterans

To the Editor:

As we near Memorial Day, I would lie to pay tribute to a few local area outdoor sportsmen who are gone but not forgotten: Richard Allen; Bob Slater Sr.; Dick Brown; Stan Blanchard; and Bob King. May they rest in peace.

It was a pleasure to have known them and spend time with them, fishing, hunting, and trap shooting.

Len Ackerman

Mi-Wuk Village

Non partisan?

To the Editor:

The supervisors’ race always brings a smile to my lips because the county election board always claims the candidates to be non partisan. For one, it does a disservice to the public, and secondly, it is just untrue.

Each candidate is forbidden to claim allegiance to a party, yet anyone paying attention knows where they’re coming from. I don’t deny that anyone wanting to do such a thankless job has the best intentions to serve us. It’s just that some want to help us conduct our daily lives as we see fit, and some want to conduct it for us.

Ryan Campbell is a candidate that has not been very forthcoming in revealing which camp he occupies, but what he doesn’t say speaks volumes. He won’t disavow the California Energy Commission’s regulation on solar panel requirements for every new home starting in 2020, but he does say solar is the wave of the future. He says he wants a shot at the General Plan because he wants to take Tuolumne County in a different direction. I remember hearing disturbingly similar comments from advocates for Agenda 21. This is the crowd that tells us, ‘you’re free to do what you want, as long as it’s mandatory’.

I also have to say I found Ryan a bit disingenuous in touting his accomplishments with regard to the tree mortality issue. You might think he appropriated that money himself, when in fact it was due to the tireless efforts of Randy Hanvelt.

Lastly, pairing Ryan’s job as analyst for the county with performing the duties of supervisor, while apparently legal, doesn’t pass the smell test. Better to stay with someone who knows the job, does the job and does it well. Keep Randy Hanvelt as Supervisor for District 2!

Guy Emery


Kirk offers a bridge to the future

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter as an encouragement to keep high standards for our community. Tuolumne County is a big mountain with huge heart and a small-town lifestyle. That is why we all love it here, that is why we choose to stay and that is why we must elect officials that represent us well.

I’m Brooke Garro, 22, work full-time, rent a house with two roommates, own a used car - typical for my age. I do not intend to live this way for too long. I plan to have a family, own a home, and do life here.

When I plan my future here, I see jobs, broadband making even more jobs, families and business thriving. Honestly, for this community to grow we need a strong, multi-generational population with vision for the future. Tourism attracts people; a wholesome community keeps them here.

To be blunt, I do not want to see marijuana in this county. It’s already here recreationally – that’s enough. Tuolumne County has a hard-working, firm-standing background that is worth preserving in a world that has lost its moral compass and (in my opinion) dignity.

Our roads are crumbling; our economy and forests will too unless we have accurate representation.

It is for all these reasons that I am voting Anaiah Kirk for District 3 supervisor and am on his campaign team. I write this letter because of my passion for this county and specifically for my age group.

It is time for us all to rise up, speak up, and act. Vote for Anaiah Kirk because he is the bridge that we need to carry the principles and honor of the past into the tactics and technology of the future.

Thank you for reading this.

Brooke Garro


Yes to Hanvelt

To the Editor:

In my opinion, our five county supervisors do an exceptional job in promoting our county, helping us with legislation, and securing grant funding for special needs.

I hope that the voters in Tuolumne County see the wisdom of keeping Randy Hanvelt on the job for all of us. I can think of no one who is better suited to pick up the phone and help us than Randy Hanvelt. He has proven to be tireless when it comes to advocacy, on both a state and national level.

I am proud to call him a friend, and I know that you, too, will benefit by having him continue the heavy lifting he does on our behalf.

Jim Grinnell


Strong record, best candidate

To the Editor:

Jessica Morse stands proudly on her record of public service. In February, a Sac Bee article questioned whether Jessica’s record was accurate. Now, we have the truth. Jessica has worked in Iraq for USAID, for the US State Department, and for the US Pacific Command.

She has a master’s from Princeton with a focus on nuclear non-proliferation. Jessica’s direct supervisors have testified that Jessica jumped in, worked well with her teammates, came up with innovative and practical approaches, and got things done.

Captain Cutter, US Pacific Command: “Passionate about innovative paths to enhance the United States’ rapidly growing relationship with India, Jessica developed a comprehensive bio-fuel initiative that was ... approved by the commander for execution.”

In each job, Jessica received commendations for her strong contributions to our national security. Regina Bateson filed a court case to prevent Jessica from listing herself on the ballot as a “National Security Strategist.” Why? Because under California election law, only your work-for-pay in the last year counts — not the contributions of a long career.

The Bateson campaign is currently running Google ads with words like “scandal, lied, and violated election law.” Not true. No lies, no scandal, no violation of election law. Simply, an early misunderstanding that has been vetted and cleared.

McClintock will not be able to use the early misunderstanding to defeat Jessica. McClintock has never been in the military or in public service. His entire career has been collecting salary as a politician.

Jessica Morse connects with people in our district, understands our issues, has solid and creative solutions, and will get things done for us.

Mr. McClintock is focused on national issues and national donors. He does not represent us. In almost 10 years, he has done nothing. Vote for Jessica Morse.

Marvin Keshner


Hanvelt is a public servant

To the Editor:

Randy Hanvelt has faithfully served Tuolumne County as our District 2 Supervisor. He has been effective in laying the groundwork for quality jobs, affordable housing and improved public safety. His hard work and get-it-done attitude is what we need more of in local leadership. It is a sincere pleasure to watch this man drive forward the concerns of the community.

My building career has given me a working exposure to many of the counties in Northern California. We have a precious resource in Randy Hanvelt. Attend any of the numerous Public and Community Action meetings and you will usually see Randy leading in the front or pushing from the rear while keeping his eye out for anyone left behind.

I have never met a more committed public servant. He is an effective leader that is making our rural voice respected and heard through the noise of big government. He has inspired many to step up and make a difference. Randy has led by example and given me inspiration to invest my own personal time, labor and savings in our community. He has my vote.

Randy Hanvelt works hard for our future. It is our time to be there for him. Please vote to reelect Randy Hanvelt for District 2 supervisor.

Mike Lemke


Morse is uniquely informed

To the Editor:

Jessica Morse is our choice to reclaim Congressional District 4 for the people who live here. She was raised in the Mother Lode, understands our people and will take our interests to Washington, D.C.

As retired business owners and teachers, we are aware of the many facets of government that affect all of us in District 4. So is Jessica Morse. In addition to her understanding of and commitment to local issues, Jessica has involved herself directly in national and international issues. She is uniquely informed on all levels.

Morse will defeat the incumbent. Her integrity, energy, intelligence and dedication to us and our way of life here in our shared district make her the very best choice on June 5.

Vote for Jessica Morse.

Mike and Pat Macon