Anti-male political terrorism caused school shooting

To the Editor:

The recent school violence like the recent Santa Fe Texas High School shooting is not caused by a gun. A gun is an inert object that cannot hurt anyone by itself. The ongoing violent trend is caused by the intentionally designed corrosive narrative of anti-male political terrorism promoted by public teachers and college professors aligned with the liberal left Democrat Communist Party for their party political gain.

These teachers are bullying/training their adolescent students with their politics of revisionist history and anti-God instead of reading, writing and arithmetic, which adversely impacts and psychologically castrates young males struggling with adulthood.

It is well known the Communist Manifesto in the United States made claim long ago to eliminate capitalism, which is based upon inalienable God-given individual rights, without firing a shot and to replace that system with government issued rights under leadership of the likes of Nancy Pelosi to dictate those individual rights.

Just like the inert gun, the Democrat Communist Party does not directly pull the trigger but relies on creating unstable individuals who they have brainwashed and their publicly promoted political narrative in their stead. They try to cover their tracks using political science projection, which accuses their political foe of their own actions. God Bless America.

Jon Bear


Sylwester has supervisor experience

To the Editor:

I’d like to express my support for Laurie Sylwester as our next District 3 Supervisor. I’ve known Laurie since I was 16, taken multiple classes from her at Columbia College, and have kept in touch over the years.

She’s intelligent, articulate, educated, and very experienced. Those aren’t just selling points for a good supe; in my mind they’re prerequisites. I’ve read statements from multiple other candidates who claim they will listen to the will of the people, yet also lay out their personal political agenda in the same mailer, telling us how they have already decided to vote on many issues.

This position should never be used as a platform for a supervisor’s personal religious or political goals. Laurie has done this job, knows exactly what it entails, and is ready to do it again. She’s going to listen to those she represents, because it is in her nature to do the real research and work for the greater good (The Greater Good). It feels so good to have a candidate I can vote for whose character and integrity I know to be of such high caliber. If you have any specific questions or issues, reach out to her.

Whitney Call


Campbell will bring fresh ideas

To the Editor:

Ryan Campbell is challenging the two-term incumbent to become supervisor in District 2. I support Ryan Campbell because I think this county needs a change in leadership. Tuolumne County is deeply in debt and needs creative solutions to get its finances in order.

Ryan Campbell is honest and hard-working; he has served our county well in his current job as analyst in the county administrator’s office, doing an excellent job finding outside funding for our tree mortality problem. This county is far ahead of other counties in removing the dead trees which present such a fire danger.

Ryan has made road repair a centerpiece of his campaign. He is also focused on bringing family wage jobs to the county so young people can remain here and raise their children here. Young people are leaving the county and our population is declining. This does not support a vibrant economy. Ryan and his wife have three young children; he is motivated to find ways to attract businesses to the area which pay well.

Check out his website: I urge District 2 voters to vote for Ryan Campbell.

Pat Cervelli


Sylwester has served the community

To the Editor:

I would like to recommend Laurie Sylwester for a full-time Tuolumne County supervisor. I have known Laurie for over 40 years as an employee, teacher, artist, county supervisor, and a friend. She has continually been engaged, and active, in the community. She has served the Tuolumne Youth Center, Forum on Health Care, Tuolumne County Library, and the Tuolumne Fire Department among others.

She has demonstrated her ability to keep an open mind while doing the necessary and thorough research on the issues. She is very approachable for the discussion of these issues with her constituents.

She will be an excellent addition to our Board of Supervisors. Please consider voting for Laurie Sylwester for sound judgment, an open mind, and full time dedication to the job.

Tom Cornett


Bands were superb

To the Editor:

The bands of Tuolumne County School with the support of Conifer Communications should be so proud of their performance at the 61st Mother Lode Roundup Parade.

Great job, and for those of us who were present at the Saturday’s rodeo performance got an additional concert from the Sonora High School Wildcat band. Superb.

Janet Crook


Not ready for responsibility

To the Editor:

It is ridiculous to assume that the ACLU does good. Is going against the laws of the land good?

Roe vs. Wade is suspect and under correction by the ACLJ, That LJ stands for law and justice. These righteous views are based on the law of the U.S. and anyone supporting abortion is in violation.

You say this illegal person was “not ready for the responsibility” and that was why she was allowed to go against the laws of Texas. Is there not a shortage of babies available for adoption? It was also stated that the abortion was not paid for by taxpayers. My, my, my. Did the money just appear out of a mist? Perhaps the abortionist just performed his task out of love and generosity.

Support of the illegal who felt she was not ready for the responsibility was pathetic. One of the principals in the original Roe vs. Wade decision has since declared that she was not ready for her responsibility in bringing on that diabolic decision opening the way for millions of abortions yearly. She has since shown remorse.

I am sorry that you feel it necessary to make fun of God.

God blesses those who love righteousness.

God bless President Trump, Vice President Pence and God bless America .

Connie Dresbach


New leadership
and new priorities

To the Editor:

Tuolumne Country is at a crossroads. Irresponsible financial management by our supervisors has created a $4 million debt. The empty juvenile detention center and the proposed new jail will greatly increase our debt. According to our current supervisors, there is no money to fix our roads, run the library, fund after school programs or build a community center. “Get used to bad roads.”

We have serious issues that must be addressed. Every summer fire danger is extreme. People do not feel safe. Fire insurance is unavailable or extremely expensive. Home prices have not recovered and summer rentals are hard to fill. Young people cannot find a good job, raise a family and buy a home. Jobs are often part-time with low wages and no benefits.

New leaders can change our priorities. We can stop the new jail. We can sentence non-violent offenders to public service, pay other counties to jail our violent criminals, and save money. The juvenile detention center is helping a half-dozen kids. Maybe it can be converted to a community center that will help hundreds.

We can make our county more attractive for tourism and for new business. Tuolumne County is beautiful place. With a better infrastructure, we can attract new business and good-paying jobs. Other counties have done this, with great success. So can we. We can build fire breaks, thin the trees, and fix our roads. We can stop the new jail, fund a community center, and deploy high-speed internet and good cell phone coverage throughout our community.

This year, we are electing supervisors in districts 2 and 3. We can continue with old policies and continue to decline. Or, we can change our leadership, change our policies and strengthen our county. Vote for Ryan Campbell in District 2.

Marvin Keshner


Hanvelt gets results

To the Editor:

While I haven’t known Randy Hanvelt for very long, it was obvious from the beginning that he will stop at nothing to fight for us. Randy isn’t just someone who promises things but someone who gets things done. The only way we can continue to see things happen for the better is to make something happen by keeping the right person for the job. That person is Randy Hanvelt. As many people have heard over the years, “if you want something done or done right, do it yourself.” I believe with Randy, he is that person to not only get things done but to get them done the right way. This is not done by his way a lone but by we the people who are choosing to put him there. So if you want things done right the first time, then Randy is that person.

Chelsea Masters


My DMV experience was a breeze

To the Editor:

Your reporter had an experience at the DMV that I am sure is quite typical, but I had a smoother experience.

I received a notice to renew my driver’s license in March and immediately got on the computer to reserve an appointment, even though my birthday is not until June. The earliest date was April 28, which I took. People with reservations stand on a red carpet and are serviced ahead of others without reservations (about eight were waiting), so I got right in.

I was sent to the back computers to fill out a registration online, then sat in the waiting room for only half an hour before being called to a window. The clerk was very kind and patient, but he said part of the back-up was that the registration I had entered was not integrated with the computer system he had to use, so he had to re-enter much of the information a second time. Yes, they seemed understaffed, but integration of the two systems seems like a no-brainer necessity.

Then he took me over to the photo and thumb print area, which took only a minute or so. Next was the computerized driver’s test itself, which was initiated by my thumbprint. After I was through I was the only person in a line to have my test results verified. I signed papers and paid (check, cash or debit card only please) and was done.

As I left the lobby I saw dozens of people who had been waiting before I even arrived and the parking lot was also packed.

If it is not an emergency that takes you to the DMV, reserve an appointment time and breeze through. My only regret is that I did not take the necessary documents to apply for a REAL ID the same day. I’ll be making an appointment for that soon.

Sue Phalen


Climate change

To the Editor:

A letter writer recently said we should vote for the Democrats because Congressman McClintock is a “climate denier.” McClintock doesn’t deny the climate is changing. He rightly points out it is always changing, and has been warming on and off since the last ice age. Does the writer deny this?

A more important question is what to do about it. The Democrats promise higher and higher gas taxes, more and more expensive housing, and skyrocketing utility bills. Their policies in California have already produced the highest gas taxes and home prices in the nation and among the highest electricity costs.

McClintock’s right. If snow is melting earlier, we need more water storage and we need to keep our tree density to levels the land can support. We need cheaper and more abundant electricity to assure we can cool our homes in the summer. These are common-sense proposals. The Democrats seem to think the solution to every problem is higher taxes, higher prices and rationing. How’s that working for your family?

Richard Todd


Law Day shows benefit of checks and balances

To the Editor:

On May 18 (Thursday) the Tuolumne Superior Court, Presiding Judge Donald Segerstrom and the legal community are hosting area high school students and interested members of the public for the 3rd Annual Law Day recognition in Tuolumne County.

The presentation is planned as both an educational opportunity and a public forum for discussion on the significance of our system of checks and balances. This year’s Law Day theme is “Separation of Powers: Framework for Freedom.” This timely theme provides an opportunity for students and communities to reflect on the separation of powers as fundamental to how our system of government works. Students will be divided into groups representing the three different branches: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial, and will be encouraged to apply critical thinking skills about our system of checks and balances and how this system is relevant to today’s complex issues on both the national and local levels.

Law Day is an annual commemoration first held in 1957 when American Bar Association President Charles Rhynes envisioned a special national day to mark our nation’s commitment to the rule of law. The following year, President Dwight D. Eisenhower issued the first Law Day Proclamation. Law Day was made official in 1961 when Congress issued a joint resolution designating May 1 as the official date for celebrating Law Day.

Jeanine Tucker

Court Executive Officer

Superior Court of California

County of Tuolumne

Birtwhistle is a man of integrity

To the Editor:

I confidently recommend Justin Birtwhistle for Tuolumne County tax collector. Justin was raised in Tuolumne County and is a licensed CPA who excels in the areas of tax law and government ethics. In my years of working with Justin at Wheeler and Egger, I have found him unconditionally trustworthy.

He also has valuable insight relevant to our community’s problems and needs. Justin is sensible, confident, reliable, and is willing to work long hours needed for his position. He understands the importance of hard work and maintains a solid work ethic.

Justin’s well-known commitment to accountability in government will promote an atmosphere of openness in the area of government finances.

In addition to being a joy to work with, Justin and my family get together socially. I will miss working with him at the firm, and he will be hard to replace, but I know he is up to the job of being the next county tax collector.

If you want someone with integrity, join me in supporting Justin Birtwhistle for Tuolumne County Tax Collector.

Pamela Wheeler-Lytle