HealthLitNow partners recognized

To The Editor:

On behalf of HealthLitNow (HLN), our supporting organizations and our partners, we would like to extend our appreciation to Ken Perkins for his recognition of the Exploratorium of Healthcare Careers ( in his letter to this paper of March 10. We think it is extremely important to point out that our program is supported by a broad and growing participation of private industry, community volunteers, the Sonora Area Foundation and, yes, many different elements of local, state, tribal and federal government.

Mr. Perkins pointed to the entrepreneurial effort put forward in the achievement of our success for which we are most grateful. We would, however, like to take this opportunity to extend our special thanks to the Tuolumne County Economic Development Authority (TCEDA) and its CEO, Mr. Larry Cope. Mr. Cope and the TCEDA have supported HLN from the very inception of the program, helped us define the need for additional healthcare personnel in our community and provided advocacy and a home in the Innovation Lab for our program. Mr. Cope offered his time and endless encouragement in contribution to our achievements. We, literally, could not have done it without him.

In addition, we would like to recognize Mother Lode Job Training, the California Office of State Health Planning and Development, Tuolumne County Behavioral Health Department, Tuolumne County Health Department, California Workforce Investment Board, Tuolumne County Superintendent of Schools Office, the California Health Workforce Initiative and representatives of these agencies and/or volunteers including Jay Gehl, Glen White, Kathi Joye, Anne Burleigh Jacobs, Stacey Hoffmann, Martha Stolp, Lisa Edwards, Kristina Herrera, Carlos Geisdorff, Sonja (Sunny) Delgadillo, Ephraim Delgadillo, Kristi Conforti, Eddie Warzee, Dan Valenzuela, Jamie Lindsey, Christina and Eugene Allende, Emily Graham, Katy Hammock, Faith Garamendi, Georgia Brodie, Jean Walton and Ann and Jim Pesout. HLN and our many supporters (public and private) reflect the true meaning of a community collaborating to the betterment of all with a focus on our most important asset — our kids.

Barry A. Hillman — President

S. Todd Stolp­ — Vice President